Jess Hilarious’ Joke About Winnie Harlow’s “Patchy” Skin Resurfaces After The Model Seemingly Threatened To Fight Her Over Comment

Winnie Harlow, Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious’ Joke About Winnie Harlow’s “Patchy” Skin Resurfaces After The Model Seemingly Threatened To Fight Her Over Comment

Looks like Jess Hilarious may have gotten on Winnie Harlow’s bad side.

The celebrity model stated in a video that she would “beat” the comedian’s a** for making remarks about her vitiligo, though Jess claimed it never happened.

Jess Hilarious

Their drama seemingly began following a recent video Winnie Harlow appeared that was riddled with threats towards Jess Hilarious. In the clip the runway model, real name Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young, 29, stated:

“Yo Jess, yo Jess, imma beat yo motherf*cking a** for what the f*ck you said about my skin b*tch, b*tch (x5)…Imma beat yo brother a** too.”

Winnie Harlow

After seeing the clip Jess Hilarious, real name Jessica Robin Moore, 31, took to social media denying that she ever made any remarks about her complexion. She wrote as a caption over the video:

“This is borderline WEIRD! I’ve NEVER said anything about this bi+ch’s skin! Winnie stop it”

However, social media users wasted no time in pulling up receipts. In a 2019 clip of herself reviewing looks from the annual Oscar awards, Jess reacted to Harlow’s dress, a pink flesh toned colored gown, stating:

“Oh wow. Patchy matchy”

Social media users also chimed into the situation with many defending both sides. Some backed Jess‘ comments, arguing that the joke wasn’t in bad taste, though maybe a bit insensitive. Others defended Harlow’s right to be upset. They argued she’s allowed to feel some type of way about being made fun of. Some expressed their belief that even the model’s threats were light hearted and that neither of the women’s remarks should be taken seriously.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Harlow suffers from a chronic (long-lasting) autoimmune disorder called vitiligo. The condition causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color. The celebrity was able to leverage the uniqueness of her skin and make quite the name for herself following her appearance on the Tyra Banks reality competition “America’s Next Top Model” back in 2014. Though Harlow has achieved notable success while becoming one of the leading champions for those who live with the condition, she’s been open and honest about her struggles to accept it and find her confidence despite looking different.

It does not seem that Harlow nor Jess have commented any further on the situation.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson