Jess Hilarious & Ts Madison Have Heated Exchange After Comedian Reacts To A Trans Woman Saying “Cis” Women “Don’t Own” Womanhood & Periods

Jess Hilarious, Ts Madison

Jess Hilarious & Ts Madison Have Heated Exchange After Comedian Reacts To A Trans Woman Saying “Cis” Women “Don’t Own” Womanhood & Periods

Comedian Jess Hilarious received mixed reactions to recent comments she made about the trans women community.

While reacting to a video of what seems to be a trans gender women discussing “cis” (naturally born) women not having ownership over mensuration and womanhood, the internet personality sparked a huge online debate, and prompted a response from trans activist Ts Madison.

All the drama began following Jess Hilarious, born Jessica Moore, 31, blasting the trans woman for what seems to be a rant against naturally born females. In the video, the individual argued that “cis” women are often transphobic due to the “audacity” and “arrogance” they have, believing they can “gate-keep” periods and mensuration. In response, Jess slammed the trans woman in the video for “projecting their anger” on “real women”, stating;

“Who the f*ck is gonna stand us for us…and us – I mean women, real women, biological women. Women who were born with all the parts that you guys wish that you were,”

She continued:

“When does the delusion stop? What is the difference between you and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane…the only difference is you don’t have a straight jacket on.”

The comic continued, cautioning the woman to stop “talking out your a**” and “wake up”, making clear her stance that “real women” are the only ones who bleed and produce children. It wasn’t long before users everywhere began to chime in with their own thoughts on the conversation. Some seem to strongly agree with Jess, pointing out that there seems to be growing tension between trans and “cis” gender women due to their desire to discredit the truth about what a woman is. While others felt the “Wild N’ Out” star’s response was ignorant, stating that Jess didn’t take the time to understand fully the trans woman’s point, and accusing her of only responding for clickbait.

One commenter who agreed with Jess‘ point wrote:

“Being well raised is about respecting people in every room you walk into— they were there before you walked in! Don’t be arrogant; be respectful. Give women the due respect they deserve for birthing nations, and we women will (in turn) support your journey. It doesn’t have to be a competition; it could NEVER be!!”

While one of her critics added:

“Jess Hilarious has always been TRANSPHOBIC AND ANTI GAY !!! She uses our vernacular and vocabulary and swag. And hates the very Bain of our existence The part that’s annoying with @jesshilarious_official is your approach to the subject is filled with your own internalized hate for the trans community as a whole. If you took the time to be this new journalist that your attempting to be on @breakfastclubam then you would have known she was talking about “Transmen” but your rebuttal was speaking on the trans community as a whole. But saying they belong in a stray jacket and that trans women are equal to someone who is mentally I’ll. WOW this is a new low even for you. but in your video which was used for clickbait because you want some relevance. Your true colors and feelings come out and it showed how negative and transphobic you really are deep down in side. But thank you for showing US I rather know who a person really is than it be masked behind humor and BS. I know @tsmadison is going to Clearrrrrrrrrr you in the morning

Others continued to join in, sharing their thoughts on the discussion as well:

Just as one user predicted, reality TV star Ts Madison, also known as Maddie, 45, surely did enter the conversation. Seemingly reacting to Jess‘ comment about “real women”, the LGBTQ activist tweeted:

“There are sooooo many “Real” women that get mistaken for being “transgender” Women and that’s where a lot of the anger comes from…. I do hope they take a Good look at how Transphobia affects ALL women……”

In response, the comic star posted a picture of Maddie to her instagram story with the caption:




Ts Madison

The comment triggered a few final thoughts from Maddie, who then reposted a video of Jess previously admitting to being mistaken for a trans woman, with the caption:

“Let me make one thing clear……
I have stood up for and fought tooth and nail for BLACK WOMEN…. I have put a lot of BLACK WOMEN On used my platform to uplift black women as well as let it be known that I AM NOT A FEMALE but i am a black Trans women…so I’m addressing this as such let me put a @ on it…..

@jesshilarious_official I have never disrespected you nor came at u publicly when you said side ways sh*t i didn’t like, i inboxed you…. Your mouth don’t put no fear in my heart cause you not the only b**ch that can put a read on the floor! So if it’s up then it’s up! But as a grown individual i don’t wanna go that route cause that’s not gone solve nun! BUT WE CAN I’m alllll day wit it?? now I posted what i said because of what came out of YOUR Own experiences!….
Eveytime Trans women and “Real” Women unite on some good sh*t you nor the blogs ever posting or talkin bout it, the moment one individual offends you yall automatically group us all in the mix! I clearly know that only FEMALES have periods and uteruses and have never stood on the side of the majority! But what you not gone do is make it seem like you gone press down on me and call me phony!”

The conversation carried over into Maddie’s comments, with some praising the “Ts Madison Experience” star for speaking out against Jess‘ remarks. While others continued to defend the comedic actress, sharing their belief that Maddie’s involvement wasn’t necessary due to the truthfulness of what Jess said. It doesn’t seem that Jess herself has further reacted to the discussion at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson