Nene Leakes Seeks Legal Help From Lisa Bloom Amid Rumors of Her “Quitting” ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Nene Leakes Seeks Legal Help From Lisa Bloom Amid Rumors of Her “Quitting” ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Reality star Nene Leakes has revealed she is seeking legal help from one of the top-named attorneys. On Wednesday (Feb. 5th), the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took to her Instagram to share she’s over holding her tongue and how pleased she is to welcome Lisa Bloom to her legal team.

Happy I now have Lisa Bloom, ESQ on my team! I’ve stay quiet a long time and gathered info along the way. Now I’m gonna make some noise.”

NeNe Leakes didn’t detail why she and Lisa Bloom would be taking legal action. Notably, Lisa Bloom, who has represented fellow reality star Blac Chyna, has a nitch with working with women who are battling sexual crimes.

Blac Chyna & Lisa Bloom

In recent news, NeNe Leakes was outed by daytime talk host Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams said she received a cryptic text from NeNe Leakes amid her drama with the “RHOA” co-stars.

“NeNe text ‘I’m quitting.’… 9:08 this morning. I’m surprised I got it because I have no service in my office, but I got it.”

Wendy Williams also hinted that something deeper is going on that viewers haven’t seen.

“I’ve got to say something but I’m not gonna say a whole lot. I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders.”

Leakes took to Twitter to subliminally respond.

“Private conversations should be left in private! What are girlfriends for if you can’t vent to them on those type of days”
In addition, she shared a video and hinted that she has few people who can she trust.

“When stuff like that happens it really hurts because you don’t know if you can trust anybody. Who can you trust? Who you can you talk to? It’s like you can’t talk to anybody about anything personal. So… I’ve dealt with that.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette