LaKeith Stanfield Sued By Nanny Over Alleged Unpaid Wages, Woman Claims She Worked ‘For Seven Days Straight With No Breaks To Use The Restroom, Eat, Or Even Shower’

LaKeith Stanfield

LaKeith Stanfield Sued By Nanny Over Alleged Unpaid Wages, Woman Claims She Worked ‘For Seven Days Straight With No Breaks To Use The Restroom, Eat, Or Even Shower’

Actor LaKeith Stanfield and his wife were recently hit with a lawsuit from their former nanny.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, a woman named Monica Sawyer filed a lawsuit against “The Book of Clarence” star and his wife Kasmere Trice. The couple got engaged in late 2022, officially tying the knot during a small private ceremony last July. They share one young child and LaKeith Stanfield has two other children from previous relationships.

LaKeith Stanfield, Kasmere Trice

Reportedly, the love birds agreed to pay Sawyer $500 a day to serve as a nanny for their child from Oct. 31 to Nov. 7, 2023. Sawyer said she immediately got to work after traveling to New York on Halloween to meet the couple at the Greenwich Hotel. Unfortunately for Sawyer, she soon realized that LaKeith Stanfield and Kasmere Trice allegedly wanted her to do far more than what should be required from a nanny.

Kasmere Trice

She alleged in her lawsuit that because of the additional tasks, she barely had time to do everyday things for herself such as eat, sleep, or shower. Allegedly, on Nov. 2, Sawyer asked Trice for a one-hour break to make a telemedicine phone call and was met with an unwarranted attitude. Her complaint stated,

“While Trice did provide the one-hour break, Plaintiff was met with aggression and attitude when she brought it up.”

According to Sawyer, she eventually made it known that she was “exhausted” from all the extra work and requested four hours off each day. The suit continued,

“However, while on her break Trice continuously messaged Plaintiff requesting access to her room, giving detailed instruction of how to prepare the infant’s bottles, and requesting that Plaintiff bring a prepared bottle to Defendant’s room.”

LaKeith Stanfield, Kasmere Trice

The document also detailed another alleged incident where within 15 minutes of Sawyer’s dinner break she received a text from Stanfield informing her that his wife wanted juice. She allegedly had to pause her downtime to call the hotel and have it delivered to their room.

Things reportedly really went downhill amid Sawyer’s final days in the nanny position. Allegedly, the pair wanted Sawyer to hold their baby during their return flight to Los Angeles, but, she declined over safety concerns.

Per the lawsuit, when Trice demanded an explanation, Sawyer detailed her worries as well as “ her frustration for having the infant for seven days straight with no breaks to use the restroom, eat, or even shower.”

Lakeith Stanfield

However, the suit said that Trice downplayed her concerns, claiming those are things that
travel nannies do and her former employees tasked with watching her baby never requested breaks. In addition, Sawyer said Trice then canceled her flight, causing her to have to find her own way back to Los Angeles.

LaKeith Stanfield, Kasmere Trice

Once home, Sawyer sent the couple an invoice for her services, which was never paid, according to the lawsuit. She’s reportedly suing for unpaid wages as she believes she was “terminated for complaining about Defendants’ various wage and hour violations.”

Sawyer is also asking for the defendants to cover her lawyer’s fees as well as the costs of the lawsuit.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel