Nelson Mandela Docu Directed By Antoine Fuqua In The Works, Will Feature Never Before Heard Interviews From Famed Activist

Nelson Mandela, Antoine Fuqua

Nelson Mandela Docu Directed By Antoine Fuqua In The Works, Will Feature Never Before Heard Interviews From Famed Activist

A new feature film about the life of international icon Nelson Mandela is currently in production.

The project is being directed by Antoine Fuqua and is reportedly tentatively titled  “Troublemaker: The Story Behind the Mandela Tapes.”

Reportedly, the movie will consist of newly discovered audio interviews with Nelson Mandela and is currently gathering more interviews led by Fuqua – the director who is also directing the highly anticipated forthcoming Michael Jackson documentary.

Michael Jackson

In case you’re unfamiliar with Mandela, he was a prominent anti-apartheid activist and politician who served as the first president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. His work earned him a prestigious Nobel Peace prize and changed the course of apartheid in the country forever.

Early in his fight for equality, Mandela was detained by police and spent 33 years behind bars, which ultimately brought significant attention to the country’s racial issues. During which time, he met his cellmate turned long time friend Mac Maharaj who is reportedly working closely with Fuqua as an executive producer of the coming documentary. Maharaj is reportedly credited with transcribing Mandela’s award winning autobiography and smuggling it out of prison, and later became a minister in the activist’s government. He reportedly stated about the project:

“I have longed to see the story of Nelson Mandela, and his decades long fight and sacrifice for freedom, equality and justice told in an authentic, complex and revelatory way. It is a story that is more relevant to humanity today, than ever. I am thrilled that a director of Antoine Fuqua’s skill, creativity, and integrity has agreed to take on this challenging task.”

Mac Maharaj

Fuqua also reportedly shared his excitement to be apart of the project, adding:

“It’s an honor to bring to the screen the untold story of Mandela, a man I’ve revered my entire life…For decades, Mandela and his comrades were put through the most inhumane conditions imaginable. Yet they came out of jail with love and forgiveness in their hearts, and rather than seeking vengeance, they sought to unite the country. His compassion and inner strength enabled Mandela to make meaningful change. This film will investigate how Mandela came through his ordeals with his humanity intact, and reveal the tough and shrewd politician behind his iconic ‘nice guy’ persona. I’m incredibly fortunate to be partnered on this project with Mac Maharaj, whose experiences, intelligence and encyclopedic memory of his years alongside Mandela are invaluable.”

Antoine Fuqua

A log line for the film, which is reportedly being financed by Lorton Entertainment, reads:

“Using recently discovered audio interviews of Mandela intimately recounting his life experiences, as well as the personal reflections and insights of Maharaj, the film will reveal the forces that shaped the global icon that is Nelson Mandela,”

And adds:

“Jailed for 27 years, this pioneering activist lawyer turned freedom fighter walked from prison into a country on the brink of a violent racial conflagration to become the first democratically elected president of South Africa.” 

It has not been reported when the project is expected to be released at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson