‘Friday’ Actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Died From Heart Disease Not COVID-19, Autopsy Reveals

‘Friday’ Actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Died From Heart Disease Not COVID-19, Autopsy Reveals

An autopsy was performed on famed Friday actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister who was rumored to have died battling COVID-19 back in December.

Results declared that he passed from a hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, TMZ reports. Despite testing positive for COVID-19, the L.A. County Medical Examiner determined that heart disease was the actual cause of death.

Cindy Cowan, who was Tommy “Tiny” Lister’s manager, announced in December that the actor had the coronavirus four months prior to his death. She recalled moments where he had trouble breathing and often feeling sluggish. With the obvious common symptoms, Tommy “Tiny” Lister chose to stay home to follow quarantine protocols as opposed to going to the hospital.

A week before the actor died, he was expected to show up at his manager’s home. Instead, he chose not to go out of fear that the virus may have returned.

Lister was slated to film a new movie starring actor Sam Worthington. He also had a scheduled Zoom meeting to participate in a panel. When close friends and family hadn’t heard from him, a wellness check was performed to which Lister was found unresponsive in his Marina Del Rey apartment. He was announced dead on the scene.

According to the autopsy, Lister had high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, coronary artery disease, and a lack of circulation to his legs. His manager stated that he had hopes of taking the vaccine in order to return to some type of normalcy.

Before his untimely passing, Lister changed his middle name to “Debo” to honor the villainous character he was famously known for. He married Felicia Forbes back in 2003. The two share a daughter, Faith.

He was 62 at the time of his death.

Continued prayers for the family of Tommy “Tiny” Lister.

Authored by: Èmil Flemmon