Singer Sinead O’Connor Alleges Prince Assaulted Her During A Pillow Fight

Sinéad O’Connor, Prince

Singer Sinead O’Connor Alleges Prince Assaulted Her During A Pillow Fight

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is alleging that late entertainer Prince once physically assaulted her in a pillow fight gone wrong. Sinead O’Connor rose to fame in the late 80s following the release of her debut album The Lion and the Cobra. However, many people know the singer from her hit song Nothing Compares 2 U, which was written and composed by Prince.

Earlier this week The New York Times published a profile piece with Sinead O’Connor about her upcoming memoir titled Rememberings. O’Connor revealed to The Times that Prine allegedly assaulted and stalked her after his song took her career to the next level.

The Times reports that O’Connor’s memoir claims Prince once invited her over to his mansion and then allegedly berated her for swearing in interviews. The songstress goes on and shares that Prince allegedly forced her to take soup she expressed more than once she didn’t want then he “sweetly” suggested the pair have a pillow fight.

O’Connor continues the bizarre story and alleges in her memoir that Prince slipped something hard into his pillowcase and hit her with it. The Ireland native says after that she had to escape Prince’s house on foot late at night. Per The Times Prince allegedly,

“stalked her with his car, leapt out and chased her around the highway.”

 O’Connor goes on to say that Prince was viewed as being crazy in a good way,

“but there’s a difference between being crazy and being a violent abuser of women.”

According to The Times, Sinead O’Connor doesn’t seem to be bothered anymore about what allegedly took place between her and the ‘Purple Rain’ singer and feels that Nothing Compares 2 U is her song. She said,

“As far as I’m concerned, It’s my song.”

Sinead O’Connor’s memoir will be released on June 1, 2021.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel