Chris Brown Posts Cryptic Message About ‘People Who Do Wrong’ By Him Following Feud w/ Ruffles

Chris Brown Posts Cryptic Message About ‘People Who Do Wrong’ By Him Following Feud w/ Ruffles

Multi-talented entertainer Chris Brown made an intense promise to his opposition.

The singer/songwriter took to Instagram recently with an interesting post, days after airing out the drama over his canceled NBA appearance.

In a post uploaded to his Instagram story, Chris Brown wrote:

“People who continue to do wrong by me will learn the hard way”

The 34-year-old wasn’t specific about the people he was referring to nor the message they’ll be learning. It could be assumed, however, that the post was a response to his recent situation with chip brand Ruffles. In case you’re unfamiliar, Chris Brown went on a frustrated tangent last week after he was allegedly invited and then uninvited to participate in the NBA’s annual All-Star Celebrity Game. Explaining what happened he wrote:

“I was asked by the NBA to play in the [celebrity] all star game this year! Only for them to call later and say they couldn’t do IT because of their sponsors like RUFFLES.”

He added:

“At this point I’m sick of people bothering me and I’m tired of living in the f*cking past,”

The “Warm Embrace” artist went on to claim that the NBA attempted to get him to come as a guest instead, but ultimately declined as he only goes “where I’m appreciated.” Brown also shared email exchanges to prove his story, which rallied many of his supporters to take issue with the NBA and Ruffles. After facing backlash, the snack company released a statement denying they had anything to do with the ordeal, writing in a social media post:

“Ruffles sponsored last night’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, however we did not have any involvement in, nor visibility to, any player decision or celebrity invite discussions.”

Brown quickly fired back, accusing the company of trying to save face. He wrote in a subsequent post:

“STAND ON BUSINESS. Don’t try to make it look like I’m trippin. YOU AND THE NBA representatives know exactly what yall are doin!”

Adding in another:

“I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE. YALL KNOW I DONT CHASE CLOUT ! The only reason they responded is because of all the team breezy fans flooding they sh*t. Stop f*cking playing with me! SEE HOW FAKE THIS SH*T IS…COWARDS!! YALL KNOW D*MN WELL I AINT LYING BECAUSE I NEVER BE ON THIS TYPE OF TIME.”

And followed up with:

“Turned them comments off I see”

It does not appear that Ruffles nor the NBA have commented any further about the situation.

Despite time moving on, it seems Brown’s violent incident from 2009 continues to follow him. The singer’s industry condemnation began that year after he badly beat up his then-girlfriend Rihanna during a fight. Though the billionaire Fenty owner has expressed several times that she’s forgiven her ex over the situation, it seems some of the general public and industry execs have not.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson