Kodak Black’s Attorney Speaks Out Against His Negative Portrayal In The Media

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Kodak Black’s Attorney Speaks Out Against His Negative Portrayal In The Media

Kodak Black’s attorney is pushing back on the unfavorable way his client is portrayed in the media.

Bradford Cohen, rapper Kodak Black’s attorney is expressing concerns about the extent to which his client is negatively depicted.


In particular, Bradford Cohen highlighted an incident where the rapper threw rocks at a news outlet that was reporting on his release, noting the disproportionate focus on the incident.

Kodak Black’s attorney further believes that this emphasis causes people and publications to overlook the fact that the rapper openly committed himself to supporting the family of a deceased police officer.

Kodak Black

The rapper’s attorney recently took to Instagram to express his discontent with his client’s media representation. In one IG post, Bradford Cohen wrote,

“In typically [sic] Kodak fashion, he just pledged to donate to the college fund of a 2-year-old and a 5 month old. Whose father was a Minnesota officer killed recently in the line of duty. Expecting his 2nd son this Friday, he knows how important family is and hopes it helps relieve some burden.”

In the comments, he added,

“So appreciative and kind. We wish them all the best in these difficult times. No kid should grow up without a Dad lost to a senseless act.”

In an IG post made on Feb. 22, Mr. Cohen stated,

“@rap I’m sure the mainstream won’t carry it. @tmz_tv will probably only run something negative. But we know how @kodakblack moves and what he’s been doing since day one. It’s a shame when people only want negativity on someone. @foxnews”

As previously reported, in early December, the 26-year-old rapper faced charges of possessing cocaine and tampering with evidence. However, Kodak Black asserted that the substance in his possession was not cocaine but oxycodone, for which he claimed to have a prescription.

Kodak Black’s attorney just recently announced that the rapper was set to be released from a Florida prison as “all substantive counts” against him were reportedly dismissed. The rapper was released on Wednesday (Feb. 21)

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Authored by: Candice O