Tyler Perry’s $800 Million Studio Expansion Is ‘Indefinitely On Hold’ Following Debut Of OpenAI Software That Creates Movie Scenes From Text: ‘A Lot Of Jobs Are Going To Be Lost’

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry’s $800 Million Studio Expansion Is ‘Indefinitely On Hold’ Following Debut Of OpenAI Software That Creates Movie Scenes From Text: ‘A Lot Of Jobs Are Going To Be Lost’

Media titan Tyler Perry is equally concerned and excited about the future of the movie and TV industry.

The filmmaker opened up about pausing his massive studio expansion recently, explaining how new technology cancels the need for it.

Tyler Perry

Reportedly, Tyler Perry’s decision not to go through with adding more acres and sound stages to his famed Tyler Perry Studios came after he witnessed OpenAI’s new Sora software. The advanced technology can create a diverse array of TV and movie scenes solely from computer text. Speaking about Sora, Perry stated:

“Being told that it can do all of these things is one thing, but actually seeing the capabilities, it was mind-blowing.”

While the technology’s achievements are certainly a wonder, Perry says the artificial tech will ultimately create less need for intricate production studios and various crew members. He continued:

“I was in the middle of, and have been planning for the last four years, about an $800 million expansion at the studio, which would’ve increased the backlot a tremendous size — we were adding 12 more soundstages. All of that is currently and indefinitely on hold because of Sora and what I’m seeing.”

He added:

“I had no idea until I saw recently the demonstrations of what it’s able to do. It’s shocking to me…I no longer would have to travel to locations. If I wanted to be in the snow in Colorado, it’s text. If I wanted to write a scene on the moon, it’s text, and this AI can generate it like nothing…which is shocking to me.”

For Hollywood execs and production companies, Sora will be the key to maintaining cheaper budgets and will tremendously broaden what movie makers can create. However, many industry professionals who built their careers around working on the set will be the ones who lose out big time. If you recall, the issue of protection against AI was one of the many concerns that actors, writers, and entertainment professionals expressed during the Hollywood strike last year.

Perry says in his opinion, the issue of how to avoid severe job loss will have to be a collective effort from all parts of the industry, and maybe even Congress. He went on to state:

“It makes me worry so much about all of the people in the business…including actors and grip and electric and transportation and sound and editors, and looking at this, I’m thinking this will touch every corner of our industry.”

Tyler Perry


“I’ve got two sides here to this thing. For me, I’m looking at my business and the bottom line, but I’m also very concerned about all the people that I have trained and bought up in this industry. I’m concerned about what will happen to them….So I am very, very concerned that in the near future, a lot of jobs are going to be lost. I really, really feel that very strongly…. I think the only way to move forward in this is to galvanize it as one voice, not only in Hollywood and in this industry, but also in Congress.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson