Russell Wilson Recalls God Telling Him The Day He Met Ciara & Her Son Future: ‘Raising This Child Is Going To Be Your Responsibility”

Russell Wilson Recalls God Telling Him The Day He Met Ciara & Her Son Future: ‘Raising This Child Is Going To Be Your Responsibility”

NFL star Russell Wilson is opening up about his relationship with his stepson Future.

The famed quarterback shared the initial thoughts he had about potentially raising another man’s child when he first met Ciara.

Russell Wilson

During a recent interview, Russell Wilson was asked how we knew his wife Ciara was the one for him. The athlete revealed that before meeting Ciara, he had written down several of his conditions for marriage, which included his desire for someone with their own identity, and goals, who shared the same faith as him and loved him as hard as his mother loved his father. After writing out his non-negotiables, Wilson says he met Ciara three days later along with her then 9-month-old son Future.

Ciara & son Future Jr.

Upon meeting the two, Wilson says he felt an immediate connection and received spiritual confirmation that Future would become his family. He stated during the interview:

“It was like this is going to be my responsibility…I remember leaving that night and God saying to me ‘raising this child is going to be your responsibility’…I prayed to God ‘are you sure this is what you want me to do?’ He said ‘son this is for you.'”

Russell Wilson & son Future Jr.

After the interviewer asked if the moment scared him, the NFL champion responded:

“Not scary, but it was more so an opportunity…realizing that, ‘OK God I know she’s the one for me but also Imma take this responsibility as well’…I was ready for that…it’s been an amazing journey.”

If you recall, before Ciara and Wilson tied the knot in 2016 she famously dated rap star Future, whose legal name is Nayvadius DeMun Cash, in 2012. The musicians were momentarily engaged and welcomed baby Future in 2014 before ultimately calling it quits. While dating and since marrying the “Goodies” songstress, Wilson has certainly stepped up and has fully embraced being a parent to Future. In the beginning, however, it seemed the situation caused quite a bit of tension between the football player and the “Mask Off” rapper.

However, Future’s previous remarks about Wilson being a father figure to his child have mostly subsided, other than a subtle shot here and there in his songs. Ciara and her hubby are now parents to three other children along with Future, welcoming daughter Sienna in 2017, son Win in 2020, and most recently daughter Amora born in December of last year.

Ciara, Russell Wilson, & children

Wilson went on to share his advice for anyone looking to be a better stepparent, stating:

“When you’re raising children and you’re married and everything else, you gotta love every single child as if they’re yours….there’s no difference…and knowing that’s the responsibility to raise these 4 beautiful children all together…that’s been the best part of raising these kids with C”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson