ScHoolboy Q Slams Fan’s Suggestion For Bobbi Althoff Interview: ‘F*ck Outta Here’ 


Schoolboy Q, Bobbi Althoff

ScHoolboy Q Slams Fan’s Suggestion For Bobbi Althoff Interview: ‘F*ck Outta Here’ 

It seems safe to say that ScHoolboy Q is not too fond of the idea of being interviewed by Bobbi Althoff.

On Sunday (Feb. 25), Top Dawg Entertainment rapper ScHoolboy Q received a message from a fan on X who wrote,

“I need a @ScHoolboyQ and Bobbi Althoff interview! That’d be LEGENDARY!”


However, the rapper seemingly wasn’t particularly keen on chatting with deadpan podcaster Bobbi Althoff. ScHoolboy Q bluntly responded,

“F*ck outta Here”

ScHoolboy Q’s remarks precede the release of his sixth studio album, “Blue Lips.” This eagerly awaited record follows his 2019 release, “Crash Talk,” a project that he admitted last year left him feeling “empty.”

In the buildup for his latest release on March 1, the rap star has previewed tracks from the project like “Cooties,” “Yeem 101,” and “Love Birds.”

While it would seem logical for ScHoolboy Q to engage in media appearances with the album’s imminent release, he’s clearly not considering Bobbi Althoff as part of the promotional campaign.

Last year, Althoff rose to stardom with her podcast, The Really Good Podcast. Since gaining fame, the internet star has emerged as a polarizing figure, garnering mixed reviews for her intentionally awkward conversational approach.

To date, she has conducted interviews with several Hip Hop stars, including Lil Yachty, Offset, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake.


Bobbi Althoff

Although her interview with Drake was a success, later reports suggested that the 26-year-old had a falling out with the Canadian rapper due to the removal of her interview with him from YouTube and their subsequent unfollowing of each other on social media.

In August 2023, Althoff denied those claims, stating:

“He’s a very nice person and he definitely clearly changed the trajectory of my whole career … So it’s crazy. Without [him], I was still gonna be posting with my 100k views.”


For what it’s worth, some of ScHoolboy Q’s fans appear to agree with the rapper’s stance as it pertains to Althoff.

One X user said,

“Stay away from Her bro lol”

Another person posted,

“bruh, don’t do it I swear your brand doesn’t need to be tarnished”

Someone else chimed in saying,

“How about being intentional during this album rollout and prioritizing Black journalists who work hard but are often overlooked for writing opportunities. Black journalists who’ve followed your career from the beginning. Who respect and admire your art.”

Former ESPN broadcaster Jemele Hill previously expressed similar sentiments.

Jemele Hill


In September 2023, Jemele Hill took to social media and posted a response to Migos rapper Offset’s interview with Althoff. She stated,

“I don’t find these types of interviews particularly enjoyable or interesting. Instead it just sadly points out how real hip hop journalism has been practically erased.”

She added,

“Some of the media teams behind these artists aren’t interested in them sitting down with credible people who know how to tell stories and do quality interviews. Then they wonder why an artist’s real story goes untold, neglected or that artist is misunderstood.”

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Authored by: Candice O