Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Ranked As Her Best Song, ‘Beautiful Liar’ Listed As Her Worst


Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Ranked As Her Best Song, ‘Beautiful Liar’ Listed As Her Worst

Beyonce’s songs have been ranked from her best to her worst, and the list is sparking conversation over her extensive career.

The mega superstar has easily been dubbed one of the greatest performers of all time.  Beyonce made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella, she currently has 28 Grammys (more than any other woman ever), and has had several groundbreaking hits.  Glamour magazine ranked a few tracks from her catalog just in time for her 40th today (Sept. 4th). See the list below.



Ranked No. 1, Formation was released on Feb. 6, 2016 and won a Grammy award for Best Music Video.

2. Mood 4 Eva

3. Me, Myself, and I was featured on Beyonce’s debut album Dangerously In Love. It was released on June 20, 2003.

4. Haunted

5. Daddy Lessons

6. Dangerously In Love 2

7. Resentment

8. I Care

9. Love Drought

10. Rocket


Beyonce collaborated with Shakira for Beautiful Liar 2006, which was ranked her worst song.

2. Kitty Kat

3. Hip Hop Star

4. Best Thing I Never Had was released in 2011 and while it’s ranked as Beyonce’s 4th-worst song, it won an ASCAP in 2012 for Award-Winning R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

5. Schoolin’ Life

6. Suga Mama

7. Broken-Hearted Girl

The 8th-worst song, Halo, was featured on Beyonce’s popular I Am…Sasha Fierce album and won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

9. Sandcastles

10. Superpower

Beyonce Stans had some thoughts of their own in response on Twitter:

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Authored by: Ericka Bates