Andy Cohen Threatens To Sue ‘ RHONY’ Alum Leah McSweeney Over Claims He Snorts Cocaine w/ Certain ‘Housewives’: ‘These Allegations Are Categorically False’



Leah McSweeney, Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen Threatens To Sue ‘ RHONY’ Alum Leah McSweeney Over Claims He Snorts Cocaine w/ Certain ‘Housewives’: ‘These Allegations Are Categorically False’

Andy Cohen and his legal team are fiercely pushing back against serious claims made by Leah McSweeney.

Executive TV producer Andy Cohen’s legal team recently sent a letter to former ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ star Leah McSweeney, emphatically stating that her accusation of cocaine use against Andy Cohen is untrue and defamatory.

His legal representatives are unequivocal, asserting that Leah McSweeney’s claims about Cohen in her lawsuit lack foundation and truth. In the fiery letter, they stated:

“To be clear: these allegations are categorically false. Mr. Cohen never used cocaine with any cast member on any Real Housewives show or with any other Bravo employee. The absence of any reasonable basis to make such allegations is confirmed by your pleading itself.”

The TV host’s lawyers added:

“[W]e demand that you immediately retract and withdraw all allegations relating to Mr. Cohen’s purported ‘cocaine use.'”

According to reports, if the former reality TV star refuses to comply, Cohen will take legal action against her.

Cohen’s legal team highlighted the absence of specific details in McSweeney’s accusation, suggesting her lack of concrete knowledge. They argued that McSweeney made the sensational claim against Cohen to garner attention and possibly monetary gain.

“The allegations were obviously made up by you and/or your client to achieve maximum tabloid clickbait value in the hopes of weaponizing these false allegations—along with other lies that permeate the complaint—as leverage to force an unjustified settlement. It will not. Instead, this conduct only subjects you and your client to independent and substantial legal exposure.”

They continued,

“An allegation of drug use in the workplace is a serious charge.”

Andy Cohen’s lawyers concluded the letter by saying,

“The truth matters. Litigation cannot be used to create fake news. And it cannot be used as a vehicle to spread false and malicious lies, in furtherance of a shakedown. We demand that you issue an immediate public retraction and apologize to Mr. Cohen. Every day you fail to do so only increases the damages suffered by Mr. Cohen.”

In her lawsuit filed at the end of last month, McSweeney claimed that Cohen indulges in cocaine use with certain ‘Housewives’ stars and accused him of being involved in a scheme to exploit her substance abuse and mental health challenges to increase ratings.

McSweeney’s lawsuit alleged that Cohen “engages in cocaine use with Housewives that he employs.”

According to reports, McSweeney also claimed,

“Cohen’s proclivity for cocaine usage with his employees is well-known throughout the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise.”

McSweeney included the accusations against Cohen regarding cocaine as part of her broader case, alleging that the network is founded on a culture that “thrives off drug and alcohol use.”

The former reality TV personality is suing Bravo, Shed Media, and Warner Media.

In response to Cohen’s legal team, Sarah M. Matz, McSweeney’s attorney stated,

“That Andy Cohen had his counsel and PR agents write a threatening letter to give to the press is hardly surprising. Mr. Cohen is accustomed to using his power in the media to scare and intimidate people like Ms. McSweeney so that they will not speak out.”

She continued,

“Mr. Cohen’s attempt to discredit and intimidate Ms. McSweeney to deter her from engaging in legally protected activity in Court is exactly the type of retaliation that this lawsuit was brought to address and only is further evidence for Ms. McSweeney.”

Sarah M. Matz added,

“We do not intend to litigate this matter in the press, and if Mr. Cohen wants to address Ms. McSweeney’s claims, we suggest he do so in Court, not in a letter for the press.”

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Authored by: Candice O