Sexyy Red Accuses Mexican Authorities Of Thinking She’s A Drug Mule, Claims She Was Under Surveillance

Sexyy Red Accuses Mexican Authorities Of Thinking She’s A Drug Mule, Claims She Was Under Surveillance: ‘You Ain’t Gotta Watch Us’

Sexyy Red was allegedly being watched by authorities out of the United States.

The Shake Yo Dreads rapper accused Mexican law enforcement of surveilling her since she entered the country. Authorities apparently pulled Sexyy Red over and had drones watching over her hotel. 

It’s unclear why the 25-year-old would be under surveillance. However, Sexyy Red shared a message to Mexican authorities on her Instagram story. She said, 

“We ain’t no drug dealers, baby. You ain’t gotta watch us.”

Fans, including sports journalist Jemele Hill, reacted to the situation on Instagram, claiming that the authorities Red was talking about weren’t police but likely a Mexican cartel.

The rapper, born Janae Wherry in St. Louis, Missouri, rose to prominence with her mega-hit “Pound Town” in 2023. The track was hugely successful because of Red’s unexpectedly raunchy and unfiltered delivery. Nicki Minaj hopped on “Pound Town 2” soon after.

Red has also been making significant waves with her new Tay Keith-produced track, “Get It Sexyy.” On the new snap beat-inspired banger, Red rapped, 

“Little Miss Sexyy walking down the street/ I don’t know what to do ’cause these n**gas after me/I’m so f**kin’ sexy, yeah my skin is glistening/ Diamonds hittin’ hard, n**gas wanna join my team.”

The new single is now No. 1 on the Apple Music charts as of Sunday (March 17). This is the second time she has hit No. 1 on the chart, with the first being as a feature on Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy.” 

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Authored by: B Gregory