Diddy’s Former Charter School Slammed As ‘Disaster’ By Parents Over Alleged Bed Bug Outbreak, Violence & Dysfunction + School Says Claims Are ‘Fabrications’

Diddy’s Former Charter School Slammed As ‘Disaster’ By Parents Over Alleged Bed Bug Outbreak, Violence & Dysfunction + School Says Claims Are ‘Fabrications’

A charter school co-founded by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has developed a bad reputation.

According to a blistering report, parents of students who attend Capital Preparatory Schools in East Harlem, New York, called the school a “disaster.”

Students, parents, and employees alleged several issues that has plagued the publicly funded independent school. In the report, they noted “unstable” leadership, high teacher turnover, frequent violence, lack of resources and classroom necessities. It also mentioned “botched record-keeping” that “resulted in incorrect grades, transcripts, schedules, and test data.” Not to mention, fights and lockdowns, a bed bug outbreak, and other harrowing details.

One parent expressed her disappointment in Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs for the conditions of the school, 

“He [Diddy] was supposed to be an inspiration to those children, coming from what you might consider the hood — and he was not.”


Parents and students said the alleged issues worsened after the 2020 pandemic. At the time, they were conducting remote learning, as were many other schools, which caused teachers and students not to attend classes. Then, in 2021, classroom necessities such as chairs allegedly weren’t provided, which forced some students to do their schoolwork in the hallway.

Other students said the mishandling of their classroom schedules caused them to be “enrolled in courses they had passed years before, while teachers saw class sizes double or triple with children who weren’t supposed to be there.”

Despite trustees boasting about “donors in board meetings,” one teacher said it didn’t make a difference as they desperately had to hold on to their scarce materials.

“None of that money ever translated to any more resources; it didn’t translate to more laptops, boards, or chart paper.”

Sean Combs

In addition, another teacher claimed the alleged issues started to wear on employees.

“People were quitting left and right because there was just no point.”

Because of this, “students were taught by a revolving door of substitutes; at one point, a principal was covering class,” according to a parent.

Capital Prep’s Director of Communications and Development has spoken out on the allegations, stating,

“We accept and are saddened that some scholars and colleagues were not pleased with their experience. However, we affirmatively state that many of the allegations included in your fact-checking list are fabrications.”

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs co-founded the charter school in 2016, but it parted ways with him in 2023 after the Bad Boy Records CEO faced allegations of rape and domestic violence from Cassie, whom he dated for a decade until 2018. Combs settled with her for an undisclosed amount one day later. The 54-year-old has since faced several more accusations and lawsuits similar to Cassie’s.

Diddy, Cassie

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Authored by: B Gregory