Azealia Banks Calls Out Beyoncé’s Message About ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album & Cover: ‘All It Takes Is Some White Person’s Opinion For Her To Start Tap Dancing’

Azealia Banks Calls Out Beyoncé’s Message About ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album & Cover: ‘All It Takes Is Some White Person’s Opinion For Her To Start Tap Dancing’

Azealia Banks hasn’t shied away from expressing her feelings about Beyoncé’s forthcoming country album, Cowboy Carter.

The controversial rapper recently slammed the superstar’s new cover art for Cowboy Carter during a long rant on her Instagram Story. She accused Beyoncé of “reinforcing the false rhetoric that country music is a post-Civil War white art form.”

Azealia Banks also called the musical icon out for an obsession with “being boring and pretty all the time.”

She added,

“This forced mystique always reveals itself to be a true lack of understanding/or a real inability to explain what any of it means in a sensible manner.”

Instead, she said she wanted Beyoncé to be her true self, which she described as “deep” and “artsy” before blaming the ‘Cuff It’ singer’s husband, Jay-Z, for “overstrategizing everything.” She also said collaborations with artists like Shakira, Lady Gaga, and The Dixie Chicks were 

“the only times you’ve made a real effort to share your platform with any of your black female peers. but we’re supposed to buy into this falsified victim crap about not being accepted in a genre you’ve dabbled in here and there?”

She went on to call out Beyoncé’s single “16 Carriages” as a song that “doesn’t even make sense in context,” adding,

“What kind of pilgrim fantasy were you having. You’re from 1980’s Houston, Tx, a major metropolis…. Was it really giving horse and buggy sis?”

Before she ended her lengthy rant, Azealia Banks also criticized the 32-time Grammy winner for her statement regarding the “Cowboy Carter” album artwork and her entry into the country music world.


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In that statement, Beyoncé addressed the backlash she’s received since taking on country music, writing in part,

“The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre [country music] forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me. act ii is a result of challenging myself, and taking my time to bend and blend genres together to create this body of work.”

In response, Banks told Beyonce to “stop with the pity party.”

Azealia Banks

Banks continued,

“admit u got criticized the same way you did when you tried to slide “listen” into dream girls despite it not being a part of the original score.. it’s crazy to me that all it takes is some white persons opinion for her to start tap dancing.”

She ended by telling her,

“Golly ….Beyoncé you’re a notoriously bad actress lmao yet no one ever stops you from doing it…Challenging yourself?! Girl [challenge] your ego and collab with Rihanna.”

The New York native’s criticism comes not too long after she blasted the singer, dubbed “Queen Bey,” for heading in a new direction.

Beyoncé debuted two new country songs during the 2024 Super Bowl last month: “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

The Cowboy Carter album, the second installment in her trilogy series, is set to be released on March 29.

How do you feel about Azealia Banks’s comments about Beyonce’s new album cover?


Authored by: B Gregory