Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victims Unable To Serve Actor Due To His Constant Moving & Vacationing, Women Request Additional Time From Court Judge

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victims Unable To Serve Actor Due To His Constant Moving & Vacationing, Women Request Additional Time From Court Judge

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has been a busy man as of late.

According to two women attempting to sue him over past allegations of sexual assault, the 56-year-old has been on a string of vacations and hotel stays recently that has made it nearly impossible to pinpoint his location.

A report from Radar Online revealed that the women behind the lawsuits, Kelsey Harbert and Jasmine Abbay, recently motioned a court judge to grant them 120 extra days to serve Cuba Gooding Jr. with their legal complaints. Each shared their own struggles trying to track down the “Selma” star, expressing they have simply had no success in their pursuit.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Reportedly, Harbert wrote in her motion that she hired a process server to deliver the papers to Gooding’s home in New York, but was told the actor was no longer living there. Subsequently, the plaintiff said Gooding was spotted in Miami, Florida where “it appeared he was staying at one of various hotels.” Due to policies around guest information, however, Harbert shared she was, yet again, unable to lock down the entertainer’s whereabouts. Detailing her attempt to serve Gooding after, Harbert wrote in the recent filing:

 “Around the end of 2023/ early 2024, it appeared as though Defendant was on a private yacht in the Caribbean which traveled in or around the Bahamas as well as Jamaica…Upon return to the United States of America, Gooding, Jr. made his way to California and seemed to be staying at one of two possible addresses. However, despite best efforts, it could not be concluded by the process server hired by Plaintiff that Defendant was actually staying there for purposes of attempting service.”

More recently, Harbert alleged she attempted to serve Gooding the lawsuit at a screening of a Warner Bros. film he’s starring in titled The Firing Squad. While the actor and the process server were both in attendance, Harbert said her hired help was unable to get past security to serve the documents.

Cuba Gooding Jr. at The Firing Squad screening

Harbert added that on March 11th, she was, yet again, unsuccessful in her attempt to deliver Gooding the paperwork while he was filming on set in Tennessee. The report notes that Abbay cited similar issues regarding her own lawsuit delivery. In case you’re unfamiliar, both women are part of a group of nearly 30 women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Gooding at some point in time.

Harbert is suing the actor for allegedly touching her breast without permission after she met him at a rooftop bar back in 2019. Abbay’s complaint stems from an alleged encounter with Gooding while working at New York nightclub Lavo in 2018. The TV and movie star allegedly kissed her without consent and “forced his tongue in her mouth,” purportedly causing her to suffer “psychological trauma, emotional distress, mental anguish, embarrassment and humiliation.” Gooding was actually charged over the incident but avoided jail time by entering a guilty plea in 2022.

A judge has reportedly not ruled on the extension request at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson