Cardi B Dismisses Beef Rumors w/ Ice Spice After The Two Bond Over Their Dominican Roots

Cardi B Dismisses Beef Rumors w/ Ice Spice After The Two Bond Over Their Dominican Roots

Contrary to the internet’s belief, things are seemingly cool between Cardi B and Ice Spice.

The revelation came earlier this week when rapstress Cardi B brought X (formerly Twitter) to shambles while going toe-to-toe with influencer Raymonte about her heritage.

Cardi B

Cardi B and Raymonte’s virtual run-in appeared to have kicked off after a video from the personality’s TikTok account went viral, where he spoke on the ghetto stereotypes placed upon himself as a Black man.

He said in the nearly two-minute clip,

“I don’t think I’m as ghetto as everyone tries to make it seem. And what bothers me, as a Black person, you guys say that I’m ghetto, but Cardi B, who doesn’t look like a visible Black woman to me — and this is no shade to you Cardi B — this is no shade, this is just literally a fact…”

Raymonte, known for his boisterous content, called Cardi B:

“Very, very ghetto. She is way ghetto-er than me; she’s way hood-er, gangster, [greasier than me]. She was outside with the d*mn bloods! And y’all don’t say that this lady is ghetto. Y’all don’t say that she isn’t marketable. It feels like everyone can be ghetto and Black besides ghetto and Black people. And… again… no shade to you, Cardi B, I’m just doing a comparison.”


Cardi then clapped back and expressed her frustration for others dumbing down the scrutiny she, too, has faced for her animated persona.

She shared,

“No matter what I accomplish I still get called a stripper all because I’m from the ghetto… People misinterpret me because apparently I’m LOUD AND GHETTO TILL THIS DAY. [They] call me a hood rat and all… When I sat down with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden they called me a ghetto stripper. Why is it that y’all gotta use me to make y’all comparisons ‘cause y’all only see the glory but not when I get [dragged] 24/7? LEAVE ME TF ALONE AND OUT OF Y’ALL BULLSH*T.”

From there, Cardi and the 24-year-old engaged in a back-and-forth, where she accused him of “playing the color card” because he doesn’t “like her,” intentionally “using other women,” and mixing up her nationality.

The “Enough” rhymer furthered:

“Same reason why you felt comfortable calling me a Mexican when I’m Dominican and I asked you why you feel comfortable calling me a Mexican when Ice [Spice] and Jharell Jerome, [and] Zoe Saldana are Dominicans and you don’t do that to them. You do it to me because you know that’s what people use to hurt me.”

Following her mention of fellow girl rapper Ice Spice, the “Deli” phenomenon chimed in and said with a laughing and heart emoji at the end,

“No offense bardi its cus i have a dominican parent & a black one.”

Ice Spice

Clearing the air, Cardi responded to Ice Spice:

“I think there might be some confusion on what was said. I asked why [Raymonte] feels so comfortable calling me Mexican? I have no Mexican parents. My mom is Trini.. she came out of a whole black woman. My father is Dominican… I’m Dominican just like you. I also used other Dominicans as an example because as you should know a lot of times we get clustered into one because of the language.”

However, although the 31-year-old was direct in her response, she nicely signed it off with,

“Also can you send me that pic you took of me wit ya camera from vanity fair? Thank youuu. [kiss emoji]”

Ultimately, Spice fulfilled Cardi’s request and uploaded the friendly flicks with a solidary-infused caption.

She wrote:

“de lo mio [of my people].”

The interaction seemingly put to rest the rumors of a possible feud between the ladies, which spiraled last June when fans accused Cardi of shading Spice during her Hot 97 Summer Jam performance.

Many speculated that Cardi hopped off the pro-Spice train after she collaborated with her music enemy, Nicki Minaj, on “Princess Diana.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell