Scrappy Says Ex-Wife Bambi Told Their Children They’ll ‘Have A New Daddy’ & Repeatedly Violated Terms Of Divorce Settlement

Scrappy, Bambi

Scrappy Says Ex-Wife Bambi Told Their Children They’ll ‘Have A New Daddy’ & Repeatedly Violated Terms Of Divorce Settlement

The aftermath of former reality TV couple Scrappy and Bambi’s split has been riddled with accusations and court complaints.

A recent report from RadarOnline detailed one of the rapper’s previous court motions, where he accused his ex-wife of violating their divorce agreement.

Scrappy, Bambi

Reportedly the court motion was filed in October of 2023, just a few months after the pair reached a divorce settlement in June. In the filing Scrappy, real name Darryl Raynard Richardson III, claimed that Adizia “Bambi” Benson disregarded their court order to live separately without intruding on the other. He said the mother of his 3 youngest children Xylo, Breland, and Cali, would show up at his home without notice, disrupting his parenting time and causing “confusion” for the kids.

He reportedly wrote in the complaint:

“[Bambi] continues to violate the [Scrappy’s] right to enjoy his residence free from interference. [Bambi] has engaged in willful acts of harassment by visiting the [Scrappy’s] home without his consent in direct violation of the Court Order,” 

Scrappy & children

Additionally, the “Never Scared” artist claimed his Love & Hip Hop co-star made decisions without him about homeschooling their son and made belittling comments about him to the kids as well. Specifically, he claimed Bambi told the children they would “have a new daddy” to care for them, further writing in the complaint:

“[Bambi’s] words are not only disgusting; yet not made in the best interests of the children,” 

In that same complaint, Scrappy also took issue with Bambi publishing a children’s book featuring the likenesses and images of their children, which he said also violated their agreement. He added:

“Once again [Bambi] made a decision to discuss the specifics of the parties’ divorce in spite of the existing Confidentiality Order and referenced the minor children without consulting with the Petitioner. This conduct is a willful act of contempt.”

Scrappy’s court motion was ultimately dismissed by a court judge back in January of this year, and just a few months later, Bambi returned with her own lawsuit. As we recently covered, she said her children’s father reneged on their deal by allegedly allowing his new girlfriend to post pictures with their kids, which allegedly goes against what they agreed to. In response, Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee threatened to share video footage that she said would destroy Bambi’s reputation.

It has not been reported that a judge has ruled on Bambi’s suit at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson