Azealia Banks’ Face Is Covered In Blood On Latest Social Media Post

Azealia Banks Posts Picture Of Bloody Face To Instagram Account

Artist Azealia Banks had a few people questioning her behavior after she posted a picture to her Instagram account Saturday night (December 5th) with a face covered with blood.

Azealia Banks didn’t post a caption, but she did pin three comments underneath the post, one from R&B singer Ari Lennox that simply read:

“Love you”

Fans commented underneath asking her a range of questions, checking on her mental well-being to noting that the blood was likely a part of a ritual of sorts.

Shortly after, she posted a picture to her Instagram somewhat alluding the display was part of witchcraft or ancestral ritual saying,

“I ride, I rip, I rile at the Rit-u- Ritual”


She also went on, posting a series of videos and images to her Instagram Story comparing homosexuality to mental illness and saying that if she should have to take medicine for mental illness so should gay people.

“What is normal. Do you even know what normal is? You don’t know what normal is and you don’t get to tell me that I’m not normal. You don’t get to tell anyone that.

She went on to criticize the standards held towards the gay community versus those with mental illness.

“Don’t fat shame. Don’t say the word retard. No homophobia none of this but that doesn’t extend to people with mental illness.”

This isn’t the first instance Banks has had with unexplainable behavior. Recently the rapper shaved her entire head.

She also made headlines for speaking out about a reported affair with Dave Chappelle which the comedian seemed to confirm.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel