Chad Ochocinco Becomes Emotional While Celebrating His Daughter Pledging AKA: ‘You Made Your Daddy Proud’

Chad Ochocinco & daughter

Chad Ochocinco Becomes Emotional While Celebrating His Daughter Pledging AKA: ‘You Made Your Daddy Proud’

Former NFL’er Chad Ochocinco couldn’t hold back the tears while speaking on one of his daughter’s recent accomplishments.

The 46-year-old emotionally celebrated his daughter pledging AKA recently, and spoke about how the event was truly moving for him.

Chad Ochocinco

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson spoke about the milestone during a recent episode of his podcast Nightcap which he co-hosts with Shannon Sharpe. The sports personality explained that he never had the chance to attend an HBCU and had no idea how dynamic a probate is. Speaking on attending his daughter Chade’s recent Prairie View A&M University probate, where new members of a sorority or fraternity are revealed, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson stated:

“I ain’t never been in no atmosphere like that…being inside that auditorium and watching the energy in that atmosphere, I ain’t never seen nothing like that. That kind of energy, that kind of passion, that kind of love and support from all the sororities all the fraternities…it felt like a family reunion.”

He continued:

“The AKAs went last…they came out, it was like…you know how the audience go crazy and everybody stand up and go crazy when Michael Jackson come out on stage…and I seen my baby…ooh sh*t I’m bout to cry…when I seen my baby strutting and hitting that stroll…that was one of the greatest feelings.”

Tearing up even more, Ochocinco went on to express how proud he was of his daughter at the moment, continuing:

“That was live…Chade I know you probably watching, yo mama watching. I like that, you made your daddy proud, you made yo daddy cry tonight.”

Chade Johnson

Ochocinco and Shannon Sharpe went on to praise the family-like environment that HBCUs cultivate, prompting Ochocinco to state that he’s thinking about enrolling in an HBCU just so he can experience homecoming as a college student. Congratulations to Chade!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson