Chad Ochocinco Argues Why He Think Shannon Sharpe & Kim Kardashian Would Make The Perfect Couple: ‘Y’all Could Be A Power Couple’

Chad Ochocinco, Shannon Sharpe, Kim Kardashian

Chad Ochocinco Argues Why He Thinks Shannon Sharpe & Kim Kardashian Would Be “Perfect” Together: ‘Y’all Could Be A Power Couple’

Looks like Chad ochocinco is lending a helping hand to cupid.

The former NFL star recently spoke with his fellow athlete Shannon Sharpe about his dating life, and made his case on why he thinks the sports commentator should consider shooting his shot with Kimberly Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian

The sports personalities’s held the discussion during a recent episode of their podcast series “Night Cap With Unc And Ocho”. Chad Ochocinco seemingly sparked the topic, explaining that he’s been helping Shannon Sharpe, 55, field his dating options. Apparently, the wide receiver recently came across an interview that featured billionaire reality star Kim Kardashian, where she shared the kind of man she’s looking for following her breakup with comedian Pete Davidson. If you recall, the pair dated briefly back in October 2021 once she divorced her former husband Kanye West, and split nearly a year later.

Explaining how Sharpe, in his opinion, fits what the beauty mogul is looking for in a man, Ocho stated:

“This perfect…what unc got going on, the vision and being focused and him being busy, well Kim would be the perfect person because she busy  and she be focused so whenever they have time to get together boom…and knowing what Kris Jenner what she could do…y’all could be like…a power couple,”

When Sharpe rebutted he doesn’t want Kanye “writing a diss track” about him, Ocho quipped “he ain’t even in the picture right now”, highlighting the Grammy winner’s recent marriage to Bianca Censori. Further attempting to cement his argument, Ocho compared what Sharpe’s life with Kardashian could be like to that of Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, who has soared in popularity since his relationship with country pop star Taylor Swift. He continued:

“Everything exponentially…just shot up. Think about what Kim and that entity itself could do for Club Shay Shay”

While Sharpe agreed that he’s sure to see a significant surge in subscribers if he dated Kardashian, he pointed out one major problem. The podcast host stated the SKIMS founder is looking to date someone in their 40’s, which Sharpe is clearly not. However, Ocho had a quick solution to that issue as well, stating:

“You Black right…whatever age you are you look 40 so it don’t matter cause we age different, we age gracefully…Our 50 is really 40, sometimes 30 depending on who you are so you good, you check that box.”

In the end, Ocho reiterated his point that he believes Kardashian is his pals best chance of “reaching the pinnacle of success” he’s working so hard to achieve, urging Sharpe to “see the big picture”. If we ever see Sharpe and Kardashian giving things a go, we can certainly credit Ocho’s staunch belief in the pair for things coming to fruition.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson