‘Amanda Show’ Alum Raquel Lee Bolleau Says Amanda Bynes Spit In Her Face Multiple Times While Filming Skit: ‘The Third Time, I Was Infuriated’

Raquel Lee Bolleau, Amanda Bynes

‘Amanda Show’ Alum Raquel Lee Bolleau Says Amanda Bynes Spit In Her Face Multiple Times While Filming Skit: ‘The Third Time, I Was Infuriated’

Raquel Lee Bolleau is revealing what she went through behind the scenes on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series The Amanda Show.

The actress, who starred in all three seasons of the show alongside Amanda Bynes, appeared in the network’s bombshell documentary Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.

In episode five of the docu-series that aired recently, Raquel Lee Bolleau recalled doing a skit with Amanda Bynes called “The Literals.” Though the scene called for Amanda Bynes to spit water out of her mouth, Raquel Lee Bolleau, who was the only Black girl in the sketch and was sitting next to the All That alum, said that Bynes took the opportunity to spit in her face multiple times during takes.

She said,

“Everybody thought it was so funny. Everybody’s laughing, but I did not find it funny. The third time, I was infuriated.”

She continued,

“Like, I was so mad that the director hurried and put me on the side of the set and was like, ‘Listen, Raquel. Breathe in. Breathe out. She’s the star of the show.’”

She added that the director told her not to “make too much of a problem” and that they would ask Bynes “not to spit in your face. But you have to keep your cool.”

In the skit, Bynes portrays a girl named Leslie Literal whose family took phrases literally. Leslie was telling Bolleau‘s and another girl’s character about a guy who asked her to the dance, and Bolleau told her to “spit it out.” Bynes then sipped water and spit it out on Bolleau. 

 As we’ve been covering, several Nickelodeon child stars appeared in the project, sharing their horrid experiences of being (allegedly) exploited and abused by the network and their execs. Many ex-Nickelodeon staffers and actors specifically came forward with alarming stories about show creator Dan Schneider’s problematic behavior.

All That alum Angelique Bates, who was not included in the project, said in an interview that she was chastised by Dan Schneider after she retaliated against a co-star who spit milk on her.

She said,

“We ran the scene first because it was supposed to be a one-take scene due to the mess that was going to be made…During rehearsal, one of the cast members [whom] I was already having issues with, thought it would be hilarious to throw the milk partially on me despite it not being in the script…Because nothing was done, when it was time to film another cast member thought it would be even more hilarious to directly spit the milk in my face despite it not being in the script.”

Angelique Bates, Dan Schneider

She added that she picked up the milk and threw it in her co-star’s face, and Dan Schneider “completely lost it on set.”

“He proceeded to yell at me and yell all kinds of obscenities that was heard all over the Nickelodeon studio and building because the microphones were still on…So, if you were in the dressing rooms, offices, hallways, on any of the floors, etc. you heard it over the intercoms and televisions.”

Angelique Bates said a casting director sent her to a dressing room, and Dan Schneider later came and apologized. Nickelodeon also went all out for her birthday and gave her nearly everything on her wish list. Still, she said she was blackballed from Hollywood, and the network never formally apologized.

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