Is Wiz Khalifa Dating Ex Reality Star Deelishis? See the Photos!

Deelishis-Booed Up With-Wiz Khalifa-the jasmine brand
Attention seeking or official cup cakin’?

While most of us were devouring Thanksgiving food, an interesting photo ‘popped-up’ of Wiz Khalifa and a new woman.

Former reality star Deelishis (real name Chandra Davis, aka London Charles), posted a photo of her with the 27-year-old rapper with the caption:

It’s a happy holiday

After the photo began to make its rounds the former Flavor of Love 2 winner quickly deleted it, but not before we snagged it! Another photo surfaced, posted by one of Deelishis’ friends.

celebrity couples-wiz khalifa-deelishis-the jasmine brand

She later sorta-kinda addressed the photo with Wiz, posting the following Instagram video, on the next page.