Ne-Yo, Who’s In A Relationship w/ Multiple Women, Thinks People Should Be Able To Legally Marry More Than 1 Person: ‘Can’t See How It’s Hurting Anybody’

Ne-Yo, Who’s In A Relationship w/ Multiple Women, Thinks People Should Be Able To Legally Marry More Than 1 Person: ‘Can’t See How It’s Hurting Anybody’

Ne-Yo is sharing his thoughts on legalizing polygamy.

While walking down the street and holding hands with two women, Ne-Yo was asked whether he thinks polygamy, which is having more than one spouse at a time, should be made legal. Ne-Yo claimed he didn’t know marrying multiple people was illegal to begin with. He then said people should be able to decide how many partners they want to tie the knot with.

“In the realm of love and romance you should let people do whatever the hell they want to do. Can’t see how it’s hurting anybody.”

As for whether he thinks it should be legalized, he said,

“Sure. Why not?”


However, he won’t be going to battle with lawmakers anytime soon.

“To be honest, I don’t need the government to tell me what it is I can and can’t do with my personal life.”

He said if polygamy becomes legal, he still doesn’t know if he’d want to get married again.

“I’m not gon’ let it ruin my day. At the end of the day, the people I love know I love them and they love me.”

Ne-Yo also noted that this is the first time he’s been in a polygamous relationship and teased that songs about his situation “will come.”

He explained why he wouldn’t “recommend” this type of romance to anyone.

“What works for me might not work for you. Find out what works for you.”

The two women with him were then asked if they’d want to marry Ne-Yo one day, and they couldn’t help but laugh with him as they continued down the street holding hands together.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter married Crystal Renay in 2016. Their divorce was finalized last year after she blasted him for cheating on her throughout their eight-year relationship. The exes also share three children. Earlier this month, Crystal Renay revealed how she found out Ne-Yo was unfaithful.

While on The Breakfast Club, Crystal Renay said it was ironically Ne-Yo‘s previous appearance on the radio show that raised her suspicions.

 At the time, he was asked if he would want to know if his partner was cheating on him, and he said that he’d prefer to “live in a blissful bubble of ignorance.” Crystal Renay recalled,

“Somebody sent me that, and something in my stomach was like uh-uh. Something ain’t right. Is that how he wants me to think?”

She revealed,

“I found everything that I found that day and I left.”

She added that she went through his phone and discovered evidence that he cheated, explaining why his remarks were a red flag.

“With me, he has a little jealousy in him or whatever. I know that he would never be okay with me doing that.”

Crystal added that Ne-Yo “had no choice” but to confess.


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