Nicki Minaj Says ‘My Husband Has Been On The Entire Tour [By The Way]’ After A Judge Greenlights His Request To Travel Overseas For Rapper’s Shows

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj Says ‘My Husband Has Been On The Entire Tour [By The Way] After A Judge Greenlights His Request To Travel Overseas For Rapper’s Shows

Update (April 19, 2024): Nicki Minaj appears to be unbothered after her husband was granted his request to travel overseas with her for her Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

Just a day after the judge’s decision made headlines, Nicki Minaj shared a cryptic and subliminal tweet, making it clear Kenneth Petty has been with her this whole time.

“My husband has been on the entire tour btw [laughing Emojis] they prob thought he was tryna come to the Montreal show. LMFAOOOOO. They wanted a moment 4 life. [Laughing Emojis].”

She continued,

“I love being the prettiest, smartest, most talented MAIN character on earth. Thank you for all this promo for the #FTCUSleezeMix tmrw.”

She ended by noting that she’s had 25 soldout shows, thanking God for her tour’s success, and posting a brief note for her critics.

“God, you rlly be showing up & showing out for me. I give you all the GLORY. Lil mangy dogs.”

Original Story (April 17, 2024): Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty will be by her side as she begins the international leg of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

Kenneth Petty, 46, had previously asked a judge to let him travel out of the country with his superstar wife “for various purposes, including childcare” for their 3-year-old son, affectionately known as Papa Bear.

In legal papers posted by famed court reporter Meghann Cunniff on X (formerly Twitter), Kenneth Petty’s attorneys wrote,

“Defendant Kenneth Petty (‘Mr. Petty’), by and through counsel, hereby applies to the Court for an Order allowing him to travel out of the country with his family for his wife’s tour and her professional purposes.”

The filing continued,

 “Mr. Petty and Mrs. Petty believe Mr. Petty is necessary to accompany the family on the tour for various purposes, including childcare. The anticipated travel schedule begins on April 17, 2024 and continues periodically to July 14, 2024. The travel schedule calls for travel to several countries including Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and Romania. The Government has been notified about this application and takes no position. Mr. Petty’s probation officer has been notified of this application and has no objection to the travel request.”

Nicki Minaj is slated to perform a few dates in the U.S. and Canada before heading to Europe in May. The tour wraps in Belgium on July 14.

In the motion, Petty vowed to stay in contact with his probation officer and said he’d check in in Los Angeles County once he’s back in the states. He also agreed to give his probation officer his travel itinerary.

On Tuesday (April 16), Judge Michael Fitzgerald signed off on Petty’s request, granting him permission to travel across the globe with the 41-year-old “Barbie World” rapper.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

Earlier this month, Petty completed a 120-day ordered house arrest and submitted a new photo for the Sex Offender registry.

According to a report from Radar Online, Kenneth Petty was required to upload a new image for the watchlist, shortly after completing the house arrest sentence.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

He was put on house arrest last year after he violated his probation when threatening Cardi B’s husband Offset.

His legal woes date back to 1994, when a then 17-year-old Petty was accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old Jennifer Hough at knifepoint. Although he first denied the claims, he later pleaded guilty to attempted rape and served four years in jail.

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