DC Young Fly Says He’s ‘Constantly Reminded’ Of His Girlfriend Ms. Jacky Oh’s Death, Especially When He Sees Other Women With BBLs

DC Young Fly Says He’s ‘Constantly Reminded’ Of His Girlfriend Ms. Jacky Oh’s Death, Especially When He Sees Other Women With BBLs

Comedian DC Young Fly recently got candid about the passing of his late partner Ms. Jacky Oh.

The jokester admitted that he can’t escape the reality that she’s no longer alive, especially when he sees other women with BBL’s who survived the procedure when she didn’t.

DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly spoke about the matter during a recent appearance on Cam Newton’s talk series Funky Friday. After the NFL’er asked the Wild N’ Out cast member whether or not Ms. Jacky Oh’s death made him look differently at cosmetic procedures, DC Young Fly responded:

“If you look at the women today, it’s a lot of women who have BBL’s. So…I’m constantly reminded like…they made it, there go another big booty she made it,”

He continued:

“I get why women want to enhance themselves, but fellas, we have to do more on just continuously telling our women that they’re beautiful…We have to continuously tell them that they’re gorgeous. Don’t make your woman feel like, she has to go do something–even if you f**king with another chick… you just love a woman–that’s it.”

If you recall Ms. Jacky Oh tragically passed away after under going a “mommy makeover” procedure back in June of last year. What was supposed to be a routine surgery turned fatal after the social media influencer was found deceased in her hotel room the following day. She’s survived by her longtime boyfriend DC Young Fly who she shares three children with, Nova, Nala and Prince’Nehemiah.

Jacky Oh, DC Young Fly & kids

DC Young Fly went on in his interview with Newton, doubling down on his message that men have to do a better job of uplifting women and that women have listen to their men. Acknowledging that people will make their own choices, however, he added:

“I’m not going to sit here and tell somebody don’t do what they want to do. But if you got a woman just continuously to tell her that she’s gorgeous, continuously to tell her that she’s beautiful and whatever happens after that, it happens. People make decisions as a unit, you have to live with that as a unit. I can’t sit here and say ‘I’m against nothing. Oh, I’m wit it!’ As a unit, I took a loss.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson