Tina Knowles Says ‘Let Somebody Else Do It’ As She Explains Why She Worries When Beyoncé Tries To Educate People Through Her Music

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Tina Knowles Says ‘Let Somebody Else Do It’ As She Explains Why She Worries When Beyoncé Tries To Educate People Through Her Music

Celebrity mom Tina Knowles remains protective of her children, despite them being grown and famous.

The fashion designer recently opened up about worrying for her daughter Beyoncé, sharing how she often faces criticism for trying to educate people with her music.

Tina Knowles, Beyoncé

Tina Knowles spoke about the matter during a recent interview with the Naked Beauty Podcast. The Deréon founder was reflecting on her superstar daughter Beyoncé’s historic Coachella performance, explaining how she became fearful because she didn’t think the audience understood the message or performance. She stated:

“I was like ‘They were looking so confused…they not getting it, you not connecting. I’m really worried’…I remember her looking at me and saying ‘Mom, some people will get it today, some people will get it next week, and some people will get it next year, but I want them to go research…understand it, and create conversation,’

Continuing, Tina Knowles added that Beyoncé expressed how she feels it’s her purpose not just to entertain, but also to “ring the bell and get people educated.” While Knowles has always been openly supportive of her daughter’s career choices, she went on to admit that Beyoncé does face criticism for attempting to have deeper societal conversations, which often worries her as a parent. She added:

“As a mother, I’m always scared, ’cause I’m like why you always gotta be the – let somebody else do it this time…she feels like it’s her job to educate and she sneaks that stuff in there that makes you go research.”


As Knowles mentioned, Beyoncé has increasingly pushed boundaries while artistically exploring societal themes and concepts in her music. The songstress’ critically acclaimed 2016 Lemonade album served as an in-depth analysis of infidelity as it relates to generational and racial traumas. Likewise, her latest album Cowboy Carter sought to educate listeners about Black artists’ rich history in country music, despite attempts to discredit and alter it.

Beyoncé Cowboy Carter cover art

Following its release, Cowboy Carter faced backlash from core country audiences as many protested the notion that Beyoncé could make authentic country music. Despite criticism, however, the project earned the 32x Grammy Award winner the accolade of being the first Black woman to earn a solo #1 single on Billboard’s Hot 100 country chart, and also recently hit 1 billion streams on Spotify.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson