Ebro, Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Call Out The Hypocrisy In Radio Stations Banning Kodak Black’s Music [VIDEO]

Ebro, Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Call Out The Hypocrisy In Radio Stations Banning Kodak Black’s Music [VIDEO]

As the backlash against Kodak Black intensifies, following his comments about Lauren London in the wake of her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle’s death, some radio stations are opting to permanently ban the rapper’s music. However, some of radio’s most popular figures, Ebro, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, are not jumping onboard the ban.

Not only has Kodak Black had to face the wrath of his fellow rappers, specifically T.I. and The Game, for his comments directed at Lauren London about slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, he’s also angered several major players in the West Coast radio market. After popular L.A. radio station Power 105 said that they would no longer play any music by Black or allow him to set foot on the premises, Big Boy of radio’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, followed suit with a ban of his own. However, that wasn’t all, T.I. officially had Black’s painting removed from his Atlanta Trap Museum.

Speaking about all of the drama surrounding the situation, radio hosts Ebro Darden, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy each gave their own takes—and they all agree that they will not be joining in the banning of Kodak Black’s music. Although, it’s not because they agree with his comments or they’re giving him a pass, they won’t ban him because of the hypocrisy of hip-hop fans.


On his Hot 97 radio show, Ebro had this to say about why he won’t institute a ban on Kodak Black:

“When he had rape charges, he’s facing 30 counts or 30 years on rape charges, and he’s officially been charged with raping a high school student in South Carolina. That was on the Internet yesterday too. Power 106 in L.A., shout out to them, that’s the peoples, they took all his music off for disrespecting Nipsey Hussle’s death and widow. Cancelled him. So, what ya’lll want me to do? Ya’ll want me to stop playing Kodak Black’s music up here? Ya’ll was playing his music when me and him got in to it. It was all good, it was cute. Now, ya’ll tweeting me saying, ‘you should yank his music too,’ Nah, I ain’t yanking nothing. Imma let that soak in on ya’ll.”

He continued, adding:

“Cause it was all good when he had rape charges. You didn’t see what type of person he was. Or didn’t wanna see it. I take sexual assault serious, so I was just making sure we acknowledged it while we was having a conversation. It was simple. All you had to say Kodak Black was, ‘nah, for real, it’s very serious.’ It woulda helped you out, you idiot. If you wanna see these artists be held accountable just cause they hot, when you see something faulty happening, catch it right there.”

Meanwhile, over on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne and DJ Envy had similar sentiments:

Charlamagne said:

“I can’t tell anyone how to react, but I just think it’s weird banning a rapper for disrespecting a woman when so much music from rappers over the years has been based on disrespecting women. I just think all of this is weird coming from a radio station. They barely played Nipsey on the radio in L.A.”

DJ Envy added:

“I’ve been thinking about that and what Kodak said was totally foul, but it’s kinda hard for radio stations to be the moral police with this. When so many people disrespect so many things. He was foul and he was wrong. But when do we ban records for things like that? When do we ban records for something on the side? Now, I think it’s foul, I’m not saying what he did was right, but how do we decide when we’re gonna ban a record? Cause a lot of rappers, disrespect artists, disrespect women, so many things. I just don’t know when you ban an artist for that. When do we play the moral police? When do we give someone that much power to say, ‘we’re gonna ban you.’”

At press time, Kodak Black has yet to respond to the radio bans against him.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings