Tommie Lee Calls ‘Baddies Caribbean’ Co-Stars ‘Delusional’ For Labeling Natalie Nunn The Winner Of Their Crazy Beach Brawl

Tommie Lee Calls ‘Baddies Caribbean’ Co-Stars ‘Delusional’ For Labeling Natalie Nunn The Winner Of Their Crazy Beach Brawl

Did you catch the latest episode of Baddies Caribbean?

Tommie Lee isn’t here for her co-stars dubbing Natalie Nunn the winner of their most recent physical dispute, which was captured by the Baddies Caribbean cameras

The 39-year-old addressed the matter today (June 3) by taking to Instagram to give her followers the word of the day: “delusional.”

Tommie Lee stated,

“The word of the day is… delusional. I done seen some s*** where a h** is on the ground eating sand and a m***** f***** say ‘get her!’ to the h** on the ground, eating sand.”

There’s a strong chance Tommie Lee’s comments relate to Natalie Nunn’s allies on their reality series, including Scotlynd Ryan and Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier. During their fight, some of the ladies noticeably rooted for Natalie Nunn, encouraging her to “get her” while she fought with Tommie on a Bahamian beach.

Jelaminah Lanier also gave her take on the brawl in her confessional, saying,

“Natalie is really doing her big one, and I’m a proud little sister. Don’t let no h** play with you, especially not on your tv show.”

Tommie Lee was brought back to Baddies this season to face off against executive producer and star Natalie Nunn, who previously won their boxing match in February 2023.

The two engaged in a pretty intense confrontation following Tommie’s entrance on the beach, as she entered the scene on a white horse. Not only did Tommie and Natalie clash near the ocean, but the struggle continued in a nearby parking lot where it appeared that Natalie put Tommie in a headlock.

Following the airing of the episode and Tommie’s recent post, Natalie also took to Instagram to respond, sharing her thoughts on the matter:

“Yes delusional lol I just spent your check to come on baddies in 2 days in south of France! lol keep talking posting and saying whatever you want! Promote the show thanks sis your doing an amazing job.”

Baddies fans are also weighing in on the altercation.

One Instagram user agreed with Tommie, saying,

“Getting drug thru the sand and still think you won is def delulu.”

While another Instagram user expressed that both women won,

“If we wanna be ALL THE WAY REAL Tommie won first round Natalie won second but ONLY Because security was holding Tommie let’s just put that on the record.”

See more reactions below:

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan