Donald Trump Claims Joe Biden Is ‘Quitting’ The Presidential Race, Calls Kamala Harris ‘Pathetic’ In Leaked Video

Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden

Donald Trump Claims Joe Biden Is ‘Quitting’ The Presidential Race, Calls Kamala Harris ‘Pathetic’ In Leaked Video

Former president Donald Trump was recently filmed sharing some unflattering thoughts about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The businessman verbally attacked the sitting president and vice president’s character and surmised that Joe Biden would soon drop out of the presidential race.

Former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden

Donald Trump, 78, appeared to be visiting a golf course in the video and was asking some of his supporters how he did during his June 27th debate against Joe Biden, 81. As you may know, concern about whether or not Biden is mentally and physically capable of serving another term was exacerbated by the debate, with many criticizing his mental lapses that appeared throughout the discussion.

In the recently surfaced video Trump ridiculed Biden over their match-up, and insisted that his presidential competitor will step down from his re-election efforts soon. He stated about Biden:

“I got him out…old broken-down pile of crap. He just quit you know? He’s quitting the race.”


Sharing his thoughts about Kamala Harris potentially stepping up as the next Democratic nominee for president in Biden’s place, Trump continued:

“And that means we have Kamala. I think she’s gonna be better. She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic..She’s so f***ing bad.”

Kamala Harris

Before reiterating claims that it was “just announced he’s probably gonna quit”, Trump added:

“Can you imagine that guy [Biden] dealing with Putin? And the president of China—who’s a fierce person. He’s a fierce man, very tough guy.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Russian President Vladimir Putin

At this time the Biden administration has continued to vehemently deny reports that suggest the President is considering to end his campaign. It does not appear that he nor Trump have spoken about the leaked video footage publicly.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson