Natalie Nunn Says ‘She’s A Kid Who Needs Guidance & I’m Tired, The Barbaric Sh*t Ain’t Cute’ After Being Slapped By Chrisean Rock While On IG Live

Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Rock

Natalie Nunn Says ‘She’s A Kid Who Needs Guidance & I’m Tired, The Barbaric Sh*t Ain’t Cute’ After Being Slapped By Chrisean Rock While On IG Live

Things got heated between the “Baddies South” women on Instagram live. 

Tuesday night (Dec. 6) Chrisean Rock got handsy with “Baddies” executive producer Natalie Nunn. In the midst of discussing their eventful night on a joint Instagram live with user @teawithtia, Chrisean Rock —  rapper Blueface’s girlfriend — admitted that she was present for the turn-up and anything else needed to “get the f*ck” out of her face. After being asked why she was upset at that moment, Natalie Nunn chuckled, which seemingly annoyed Chrisean Rock.

Chrisean Rock then replied:

“I come out here because I’m enjoying myself with all these girls because they’re cool as sh*t and I’m f*cking with everybody, but soon as I feel disrespected…”

Referring to Natalie Nunn, she added:

“It’s annoying because I didn’t come here to fight and if I’m fighting you gon’ be real upset. ‘Cause when I’m riding I’m sliding.”

Chrisean Rock, Blueface

As Natalie held the camera in her face, she continued:

“Natalie you being real cool right now but –”

In an attempt to lighten up the mood, the other women presented started to sing Chrisean’s 2021 tune “Vibe.” However, things continued to go south and Chrisean then slapped Natalie. The reality TV star exclaimed before ending the live:

“Why you smacked me in my face like that? Why the f*ck you smacked me in my face like that bro? No, my n*gg* what?”

Chrisean didn’t deny slapping the former “Bad Girls Club” star as she took to Twitter and wrote:

“Tell me why I’m just dat person to just not give a f*ck but if I gotta slap you I will respectfully will.”

With a post and delete, Natalie took to her Instagram story to address the incident. The 37-year-old wrote:

“Childish even at 23 I was a real rich *ss b*tch the f*ck.”

She continued:

“U will not I repeat disrespect me on my white momma that you keep saying is WHITE SHES PUERTO RICAN 100% b*tch. U and ur bullsh*t can get the f*ck off my sh*t!!!!!!!”

The California native shared:

“U JUST F*CKED UP BUT made me some more f*ck*ng money.”

She added:


Natalie also took to Twitter this morning (Dec. 7) to enlighten her fans who questioned where things went wrong between the co-stars. She explained:

“She’s a kid who needs guidance and [I’m] tired and the barbaric sh*t ain’t cute I’m really not about to even keep entertaining this shes a mess and she will be here and gone tomorrow in hollywood I said what I said.”

Natalie Nunn

Claiming that Chrisean was begging Zeus network to keep her job, Natalie wrote:

“We not cool don’t start crying now to the team BYEEEEEEEEEE NO CONVERSATION NOPE!”

Natalie added to her tweet series:

“Every time u get arrested u call WHOOOOO MEEEEE”

“This whole show u been sleeping in my bed why cause U CLAIM U LOVE ME”

Her rant didn’t end there. She continued:

“But whenever u get a chance u talk shit u try and throw shade u say NO ONES COMING TO THE CLUBS TO SEE ANYONE BUT U… sweetie rude awakening LIFE WILL HUMBLE U REAL FAST.”

She shared:

“I’ve been in this game a long time.”

Fans asked for clarification on why she was slapped by Chrisean, and she elaborated:

“Yea the whole problem was I went live on my live with Zeus she said why can’t it be on my live well the owner of the network said for me to go live like whatttt???????? And all the oh I’m good ur white washed ur momma white sh*t is getting on my nerves check this out U IN MY SH*T.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on Chrisean slapping Natalie. Some users claimed without Chrisean “Baddies” wouldn’t be as popular, while some felt that Natalie being a vet in the industry means she needs to be respected by the other women of the series.

Tell us your thoughts on Chrisean Rock slapping Natalie Nunn on Instagram live.

Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill