TV Personality Eboni K. Williams Announces Pregnancy: ‘It Feels Like Fate’

Eboni K. Williams

TV Personality Eboni K. Williams Announces Pregnancy: ‘It Feels Like Fate’

Eboni K. Williams, known for her appearances on The Real Housewives of New York City and Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams, has shared some exciting news: she’s expecting her first child, a baby girl due on Aug. 16th.

Eboni K. Williams, 40,  took to her Instagram feed to share the news, posting a series of photos showcasing her growing baby bump. In one image, she dons a form-fitting white dress, gently caressing her midriff as she poses for a glamour shot.

Another photo captures the former reality TV star in the nude, with her hands strategically placed as she gazes beyond the camera.

The post features a heartfelt caption that reads,

“Thank you God… Abundantly blessed and so excited to welcome my daughter to this world. HE will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4.”

The announcement comes two years after Eboni K. Williams had disclosed her intentions for motherhood, revealing her use of frozen eggs to pursue pregnancy through sperm donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

When discussing her journey with the media, Williams expressed her gratitude, stating,

“Anybody who’s gone through IVF will tell you so many things have to go right for the final result of this journey to be a baby. That’s why I’ve called this ‘my remarkable miracle.'”

She continued,

“I did one egg retrieval at 34 years old, not really having a clear intention on if I would use those eggs or when I would use the eggs. And six years later, that one egg retrieval led to one genetically normal embryo which led to one successful embryo transfer and—one pregnancy later—I’ll soon have, God willing, one beautifully healthy baby girl. So it really does feel like fate.”

Motherhood wasn’t always a predetermined aspiration for Williams. She candidly acknowledged,

“I was not the little girl that grew up fantasizing about having kids and what I would name them and all of that.”

But during the pandemic, Williams found herself considering the idea of unconventional motherhood.

She stated,

“I really freed myself of the rigidness of what legacy, love, and family could look like”

With unwavering determination and excitement about motherhood, Williams declared,

“Everything I want to do, I’m doing right now. And I’m excited. I feel as ready as I’m ever going to be.”

This milestone in Eboni’s life follows other significant professional achievements, including her debut on RHONY as the show’s first-ever Black Housewife, her role as the presiding judge on the daytime court show Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams, and her popular podcast Holding Court, co-hosted with media personality Dustin Ross, which earned an NAACP Image Award.

Equal Justice w/ Eboni K. Williams

Congratulations, Eboni, on this remarkable journey to motherhood!


Authored by: Aaron Keenan