Trick Daddy Defends Trina, Trashes Khia Amidst Their Ongoing Beef: We Not Singing That Ugly H*e Verse!

Trick Daddy Defends Trina, Trashes Khia Amidst Their Ongoing Beef: We Not Singing That Ugly H*e Verse!

It looks like Trick Daddy is taking shots at Khia while defending his long time friend and collaborator, Trina!

During a recent performance, Trick Daddy (born Maurice Samuel Young) dissed Khia by refusing to play her verse on a song. He then proceeded to throw insults and digs at the ‘My Neck, My Back’ rapper. Trick said,

“We not singing that ugly h*e verse. Nope Nope Nope. That h*e tried to get  [inaudible] and talk about Trina, oh hell no. That long titty ugly trick daddy looking as b**ch. That b**ch ain’t getting no play tonight.”

As you may recall, Trina and Khia have had an ongoing beef for years. It all began in the early 2000s when Trina saw success from her hit single “Da Baddest B*tch” and Khia alleged that she wrote the song for Trina but never got any credit. Since then, the “My Neck My Back” rapper has often made Trina a talking point in her interviews and on her YouTube show Gag Order, with insults and harsh criticism of the Miami native.

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As previously reported, Khia challenged the Miami native to a Verzuz battle back in 2020 claiming she would roast her, along with other disparaging remarks. She said in part,

“Esther Rollesa.k.a. Trick Daddy “No Dollars” was gon’ break the internet and didn’t nobody watch. B*tch, we the people said ‘you didn’t break the internet, b*tch you just broke’. [inaudible] who ain’t wrote sh*t and ain’t sold nothing tryin’ to battle with TWP and them old a**, tired a** songs y’all got together child. Boo, nobody’s buying them b*tch.”

She continued,

“So now you wanna try to do a Tik Tok pretending you wanna box.  B*tch in yo’ 365 years, dog years that is of living, H0*, who have you ever fought?  I’ll wait. Acting like you wanna throw hands, and you ain’t got not na’an battery charge. Gag order, let’s talk about order b*tch, you was running then, and you runnin’ now.  M’kay, just like you was running from that challenge.  I bet you won’t.  Gag order, let’s talk about order, we the people say ‘run that record and let’s see how many assault charges you got.  Not na’an ho*, just assault with a deadly p*****, you done killed and shot so many n***** with that girl, honey them probably the only charges you’ve ever had.”

Not long after, the ‘Look Back At Me’ rapper responded to Khia’s remarks during an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz, seemingly declining the battle and taking a dig back at Khia. Trina said,

“I’m not going to entertain the blogs, I’m a not a person that does all of that, everybody knows me, I’m a queen. This is called royalty over here, ok I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I worked for anything.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole