Update: Blueface’s Mother Says His & Chrisean Rock’s Child Is w/ Chrisean’s BFF After She Was Arrested While Attending Court Hearing For Rapper + Says She Was Kicked Out Herself

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Update: Blueface’s Mother Says His & Chrisean Rock’s Child Is w/ Chrisean’s BFF After She Was Arrested While Attending Court Hearing For Rapper + Says She Was Kicked Out Herself

Update: Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, is giving insight on what happened to his and Chrisean Rock’s son after she was arrested after arriving at a court hearing for the “Thotiana” rapper.

She said on social media that the incident was “too much,” and that she herself was also kicked out of the hearing, so she didn’t see Chrisean Rock get arrested.

“I think it’s some f*cked up sh*t for both of the parents to be in jail right now. But the most craziest sh*t I just seen my son in court looking like O-Dog from Menace II Society, and it crushed me to my core. I cried, I got kicked out.”

She added that,

“all of the elders need to get in and try to help figure this out.”

Karlissa Saffold Harvey noted that she brought cameras because she was hopeful Blueface would be released that day or within the next couple of days. She said she offered to take Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s infant son, however, Chrisean’s best friend Marsh reassured Karlissa Saffold Harvey that the baby would be safe with her.

She defended her family against criticism that no one allegedly wanted to take the child, and clarified that everyone was willing, including Blueface’s other baby mama Jaidyn Alexis. She claimed that the only person who said he “wasn’t a babysitter” and refused to take the child was Blueface’s father.

Original Story: While attending a court hearing for her on-again-off-again boyfriend Blueface, Chrisean Rock was taken into custody herself.

Chrisean Rock was handcuffed and arrested shortly after walking into a San Fernando Valley courthouse, where Blueface was having a hearing for his own legal woes. He went to jail in January after violating his probation and is expected to be released next month. She was seen pushing a stroller with their infant son inside just moments before being detained. (Jaidyn Alexis, who also has a child with Blueface, attended the hearing.)

Chrisean Rock

Five LAPD officers were reportedly in the courthouse waiting for Chrisean Rock’s arrival and arrested her immediately after she made her entrance. According to sources, once she was handcuffed, two women officers searched her and other cops removed the baby from the scene. She was then walked out of the courthouse, however, it’s not clear where her son went after the incident.

Police insiders say there was a felony fugitive warrant out for Chrisean’s arrest in Oklahoma. She’s wanted for crimes related to drugs like possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and intent to distribute. The charges go back to 2022 and she’s currently being held without bail. She’s also facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, but it’s unclear if it’s related to the current charges against her and where that alleged incident took place.

Chrisean Rock

Back in March, Chrisean Rock said during an Instagram Live video that she was taking care of her warrants so she wouldn’t have to go to jail and be away from her son, whom she welcomed on Sept. 3.

“My warrants are getting cleaned up. I’ve been paying off fees and getting rid of sh*t, talking to certain people to help my situation out. Cause you know I have my son, so the old me would’ve just turned myself in and dealt with it from the inside to the outside of the jail.”

She added,

“Right now, I gotta play it cautious because I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing like I just don’t plan on that at all. I’m doing every way possible to get that figured out without even trying to serve time and it’s working out for me.”

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