Ashanti’s Father Reveals How Nelly Asked For Her Hand In Marriage

Ashanti’s Father Reveals How Nelly Asked For Her Hand In Marriage

At Ashanti’s surprise Dolce and Gabbana-themed baby shower, her father revealed how rapper Nelly asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Footage from the special day showed singer Ashanti, 43, escorted by her husband Nelly, 49, was met with cheers and congratulations from friends and family as she exited an elevator into her surprise baby shower, looking visibly shocked with her hand over her mouth.

Nelly & Ashanti

She wore a Dolce and Gabbana brocade printed bra top and a matching skirt.

Notable figures attended, including longtime friend and collaborator Fat Joe, along with his wife, Lorena Cartagena.

Nelly, Ashanti, Fat Joe, Lorena Cartagena

On Instagram, Fat Joe wrote,

“Today we had a Baby Shower, i love you my sister I’m sooooooo happy for y’all guys GOD IS GREAT @ashanti @nelly @lolamilan1”

During a heartfelt moment, Ashanti’s father, Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas, took the opportunity to bless the couple and their journey together. He said,

“It’s very special for a man in this era to ask for someone’s hand [in marriage]. I was very impressed with the fact that he asked me if it was okay, and I was good with it.”

Nelly interjected jokingly, saying,

“After you put your pistol away,”

causing the party attendees to erupt in laughter.

Ashanti’s dad continued,

“I want to bless you guys. We welcome you with open arms into the family. I just pray that everything stays the same and that you guys grow and love each other … not too many kids now!”

Nelly and Ashanti dated in 2003 and split a decade later. After another decade apart, they reunited in September 2023 and reportedly secretly wed on December 27, 2023. They are now expecting their first child together.

Nelly, Ashanti

Nelly has two children from a previous relationship, Cornell Haynes III and Chanelle Haynes, and two adopted children, Shawn and Sydney Thomas, from his late sister, Jaqueline Donahue.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan