Tom Joyner to Award Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Rachel Jeantel, College Scholarship + Watch Her 1st Interview With Piers Morgan

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Radio personality Tom Joyner has offered Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who spoke to him shortly before he died and testified during the trial, a full scholarship to any Historically Black College or University she chooses. Confirmed by Joyner’s web site, BlackAmericaWeb.com, this week, Rachel spoke to Joyner on his morning radio show. Joyner told the teenager:

Hi Rachel, this is Tom Joyner, I love you, I really do love you. If you want to graduate from high school, and go to an HBCU, even if it’s not in Florida but especially Florida,like Florida Memorial, Edward Waters or FAMU, if you want to do that, I want to help you do that. I will help you get tutors to get you out of high school, tutors to help you pass the SAT and I will give you a full ride scholarship to any HBCU you’d like.

Tom’s co-host Sybil Wilkes also expressed her  support to Rachel saying,

and I got to tell you that people on social media, whether it’s Tom’s Facebook page, whether it’s Twitter or text, Tom, everybody is supporting you, Rachel, and really want you to know that they are wanting the best for you.

rachel jeantel-interview with piers morgan-the jasmine brand
Meanwhile, on Monday, Rachel gave her first interview to Piers Morgan, since testifying in the trial. She candidly spoke saying that she was

Disappointed, upset, angry. And mad.

about Zimmerman being found not guilty. She also disputed reports that Trayvon was a thug:

He was a calm, chill, loving person. Loved his family; definitely his mother and a good friend.

Piers also asked Trayvon’s use of marijuana. She explained:

Okay, weed, in my area we say weed. My area, we for Trayvon I can explain, weed don’t make him go crazy, it just make him hungry. Like twice a week. Yes, real normal.

Watch the interview below:

[Black America Web]

  • Chanele9boots

    YES!! I like this. No point in putting her down, let’s lift one another up. Bravo!!

    • Tionne

      That is a beautiful thing Tom Joyner is doing. I hope she is able to take full advantage of the opportunity.

  • jeanette

    Thanks Tom, may God continue to Bless You..

  • DIVA

    Tom Joyner is a great guy for this doing this for her. I think she is a beautiful person and I just get a good feeling that she told the truth about everything. God Bless this young lady.

  • Anonymous

    people are way too harsh on her , so what she doesnt speak the way alot of proper ppl do , she’s telling her story her way …they asked she gave what she had POINT BLANK… ppl especially black ppl really should be ashamed they keep mentioning how she talks but not what this whole matter is about as a whole..its abotu a young black teen ager being killed due to his color….