Pebbles Blasts TLC After Radio Interview, Threatens Lawsuit: ‘Lawyers on deck!’

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pebbles-hitting tlc with lawsuit-the jasmine brand

While TLC and their respective fans are celebrating the upcoming release of their new VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, an instrumental and partial member of their story, Pebbles, is none too pleased. If you’re a die-hard TLC fan, you’re aware that the Grammy Nominated singer and ‘Visionary behind Mega Group TLC‘ (that’s how she lists it in her twitter bio), was a significant factor in helping create TLC. So what is she exactly upset with? Apparently, T-Boz and Chilli have shared some not so nice things about Pebble’s past treatment of them. Specifically in an interview with Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, T-Boz said of Pebbles:

She did do some good for us, she taught us some things, she put us together, but then there’s always times when you work with people there’s always things that your never going to agree with and you don’t like their ways and people part so I didn’t think she got over that.
T-Boz also explained that while Pebbles no longer owns the name, they had to pay a heft price. She said:
No, we had to buy it, pay $3 million ($1 million per letter) because she said she didn’t get enough money.

Chilli also admitted that the first time she was pregnant, Pebbles kicked her out of the group.

 I didnt want to become a mother too soon, so teen pregnancy didnt happen or anything like that but when I did get pregnant and Pebbles kicked me out the group and then put me back in the group, I was scared and a lot of different emotions that made it hard to do what i did because i wanted it so bad.
pebbles-chilli-circa 2011-lawsuit over movie-the jasmine brand

Happier Times, Pebbles and Chilli Circa 2011

Interesting right? Pebbles caught wind of the interview or either the actual film (which airs on VH1 next week) and responded on twitter:

I’m NOT here to promote something I put on the MAP and yet have been disrespected by because of more reasons than one! Lawyers on deck????…I would say being lied on 4 as long &trying to continue to is sadder. But,the continued slander from all will help prove just what was done….Thank you love. It’s not good what they played a part of but it will be dealt with now that the slander continues. TLC without me? No way.??…

She added:

I am in shock listening to all this mess and lies on this radio interview!!This is madness!!! It’s SO hard to believe this! DO NOT believe…Love you guys. Not going to comment about this anymore on here UN officially. Dealing with this though. #??….

Click here to listen to TLC’s interview interview.

  • Anonymous

    Ump . . . .

  • A

    I dont understand why people want to get mad and drag folks into court, when things being said is the truth…

    • james

      How do you know its the truth?

      • taylor

        whoever you are james , you are really sticking up for pebbles when we all know she was in the wrong. would you like for people to not give you money and you be broke . smh pebbles fan much

    • TLCavenger

      If it wasn’t the truth, why defend yourself? The truth needs no defense. She lived vicariously through the girls as she had no talent and couldn’t reach the stardom that TLC did. Ole bittah biatch…

  • Alaya_MingLee

    I don’t feel T-Boz said anything bad. She said she did some good things and some things she didn’t agree with. That’s life. You’re mad? Get over it!

    • james

      If it were not for Pebbles, there would have never been TLC. they should get over it and show appreciation and let bygones be bygones

      • Mika

        Just because Pebbles discovered them doesn’t mean she has to be greedy with the money. Pebbles was also an artist who was discovered also, I’m quite sure she wouldn’t want someone hogging all the proceeds from her album sales, and tour.

      • Alaya_MingLee

        They’re over it. In case you can’t tell by the interview, they were asked a question and they answered it accordingly.

    • Maj

      James: I don’t know who you are, but; you don’t sound like a fair and reasonable man. TLC sold 600 million albums; Pebbles paid them $25 a week. Everytime they attempted to discuss money or even see their contract, she changed the subject or made excuses. If TLC’s story was not true, it wouldn’t have been aired on TV. There were alot of others involved in the making of this film. Do you think the producers, etc. would risk their reputations and financial status if this were a lie. The girls were young and Pebbles took advantage of them. Realistically, Pebbles appeared to be a “pimp.” These young girls (TLC) did the hard work, and Pebbles raked in the majority of the money. Would appreciate it if you were singing and dancing night after night, in city after city and not being paid what you should have been paid? I think not, no one would like being treated or I should say cheated as they were.

  • siarasheree

    She sure is defensive… I watched the entire interview and they did not bash Pebbles. However, it appears that the movie shows a very negative side of her. But like TLC said.. the movie is a story as to how they viewed their life during that time.

    • Tabitha

      I don’t know what really happen because I wasn’t there. But if Pebble hurt TLC like the ladies said, she should apologize (even if she didn’t think she did anything wrong). Suing the young ladies at this point only proves she’s the person with the demonic ways described. I pray that this issue get puts to bed. Truth can set anyone free and it’s a great testimony!

  • Kia

    Pebbles need to get over it, because if it wasn’t true, Pebbles wouldn’t get mad. I’ve seen cuts of this movie and that how TLC viewed their life with TLC and then they payed 3 mil for the name and now Pebble’s is hollering TLC without her no way, damn lie yes way. Move on Pebble’s move on and grow up while you’re at it. If it’s not true don’t worry about it, but now Pebble’s is lawyered up to try and get some more money, she’s pathetic. I use to like Pebble’s but after this not anymore. She’s actually pitful and needs to leave T-Boz and Chilli alone. She’s so stupid damn!!!!!

    • james

      What are they doing now? They are reduced to a Lifetime movie? How ridiculous!

      • Kris

        Hmm and what the h*ll is wrong with Lifetime movies? I’m sorry, do you have your own movie or documentary coming on Showtime or HBO soon?! You sound foolish! Obviously they are still relevant if we are commenting about them, they are doing press and have a movie coming out.

      • properph

        Well if you think 4.5 million viewers is foolish. Then hey FOOL!!! you on the site with your opinion as just like a butt, everybody has one and some of them stink!

    • JEAN

      Well in Pebbles’ defense if my name kept being dragged through the mud after all of these years I would want to take action too. Pebbles has worked hard to rise up from the the whole TLC fiasco by doing work for God and running a spirited ministry service. It seemed like everyone was in a better place now and they were all cool with each other…and then BAM! This old ninety’s drama all over again. Chili also seems pretty two faced and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was exaggerating. Okay so Pebbles connived and took millions from the group, she pitted the members against one another, and she kicked you out of the group after you became pregnant, and yet two years ago Chili did that Essence R&B star contest with Pebbles and she said the only why did it is because Pebbles was going to be one of the judges and she has a tremendous amount of love and respect for her. Who in their right mind would want to associate with such a person after all those things were done. TLC is playing it up to drum up publicity for their movie. I also heard TLC mention that LA Reid was happy about the movie and he didn’t care if they portrayed him in a good or bad light. Well of course LA doesn’t care. He is the CEO of a major record label and he knows it’s going to have absolutely zero affect on him whatsoever and Pebbles is still going to forever be known as the villain that bankrupted TLC.

      • Maj

        It’s strange after people do their dirt when they’re young, turn to ministries when they get older. It seems to me, Pebbles is hiding behind the church to try and atone for what she did. She might feel better, if she paid TLC (including now deceased Lisa Lopez’s family) for the millions she cheated them out of. How could anyone take millions of dollars from someone and then pay them $25 a week. This was wrong, just plain wrong.

  • vapariga

    Pebbles sounds bitter, as if they poured salt in an open wound. They really didn’t say anything all that bad and I’m sure since they’ve been down the legal road with her before, they know what and what not to say. She needs to move on and let bygones be bygones. Its not that serious! But then, maybe she is trying to make something out of this for a payday?!

  • Anonymous

    If sounds as if JAMES is really Pebbles. lol^^^^^^

    • Tamika

      l agree! James IS Pebbles! LOL!!!

      • Kia

        You’re exactly right James is Pebbles. Damn she and her daughter is dumb azz hell. Hell she would not have gotten mad if it wasn’t true and damn trying to sue somebody from 1992 hell I thought the statute of limitations was gone long time ago. It’s bad enough she took all of their money, but now trying to get money from a deceased left-eye estate really. All the money Pebbles took they shouldn’t owe her a damn thing looks like she owes them. Pebbles sit your old azz down and your daughter wow she really needs to sit down hell she was a little girl so what the hell do she know about the situation. sit down little girl

  • MJ

    None of you know what your talking about because none of you were there…

  • DetroitRedd

    Peebles can’t sing. Only reason she became popular is because many folks thought she was white.

    • Anonymous

      did she really thing that she was gonna be praised after all they was broke and her and hubby was making all the money

  • Anonymous

    When people steal someone elses dream they sure can be defensive!

  • Katieh

    Pebbles needs to go sit down and shutup somewhere…. she is money hungry and hatin’.

  • Dc Carr

    Indeed she is very defensive. Further goes to show that she was a villain then just as she’s being a villain now. How else can you sell millions of albums & singles along with sold out concerts & still be broke.?..I.E. Greedy Ppl. I know the money has to be split three ways but damn! Boys 2 Men was a quartet with the same world wide success as well & you didn’t hear them saying anything about being cheated out of money. TLC weren’t a group with some moderate success. They proved to be a major music group with world success from the beginning so where was the friuts of their labor?? In Pebb’s bank account. If she was really so holy & saved & sanctified then she would agree to the truth & shame the devil. So far she’s the only person that was potrayed in the movie that’s making a fuss about the way they were potrayed. The film is clear cut on what happened & she’s the only one upset about it. She’s still using her same m.o. to get attention & an impossible payout & that m.o. is DECEIT & sadly it cost her her marriage to La Reid. She represented a bad stigma of the music industry.

  • Divinity Reins

    Pepples used the girls and played with there lives. Seems like her company was just a toy for her to play with given to her by her husband. Back then that was common I guess. But thank God people have gotten smarter and no longer falling for BS contracts where they sign away all their rights to their gifts… So glad to see artists rise above all that. The TLC story was very informative, and I am sure new artist know exactly what to watch out for. I’m glad that TLC are still making music and living good lives… our ancestors who were taken advantage of in the 50’s are dead and gone and their families are still broke.

  • TLCavenger

    Listen, if it was just TLC i might question, but how does TWO Laface artists end up filing for Bankruptcy???? Slander is a blatant lie. These young ladies both agree to treatment and its true according to THEIR recollection so Pebbles has no slander case.

  • Pebblesfan#1

    Why would Pebbles want to rob TLC if she did? She was happily married to L.A. Reid. Wasn’t she? She has always appeared to be a beautiful person inside and out. And why didn’t TLC just leave Pebbles out of the movie if she was not gonna be a part of it? They left Babyface out of the movie. Toni Braxton filed bankruptcy against LaFace Records too. Only God knows what really went down, but I bet you, Pebbles does not deserve any of the slander she has received from this movie or in the past from all of the allegations that have not been proved true.

  • Sable53

    I thought Barry Gordy was a crook
    But this chick takes the cake and ice cream if anything the girl should see
    If its still time to suit check out statute of limitations I never did like pebbles but I bet you she owns a lot of Mercedes bought with money she didn’t even work 4 LOL

  • Anonymous

    it just all seems fishy to me. Why wait all these years after “Left Eye” pass to do a movie. They were still cool with “Pebbles” until this movie came out. If you look it up, almost every artist files bankruptcy after there first album. They are fronted money, clothes, houses, cars, attorneys, accountants ect. Don’t be mad when it’s time to pay up and you don’t have it all. Toni Braxton was with the same label and had to file bankruptcy. Toni didn’t start slandering peoples name…she knew the game. Why wasn’t “Left Eye’s” family contacted during the filming of the movie. They played no role in her character even though they wanted to assist “Lil Mama” they were never contacted. Left Eye gave a breakdown of where the money went in her documentary before she passed. How can you leave a label that done you sooo wrong, end the contract, file bankruptcy and then go bace and sign to the same label. Wow…something don’t sound right.

  • fukkpebbels

    She Is a dévil!!!!!!!!! Pebbels Is james an pebbelsfan Is her daughter wow girl you still being crookit if you try an see these girls there will be a riot an you will get what you deserve believe that!!! Tboz Is -1 millón in dept the least you can do Is help her before you try to be selfish an sue you have no heart mind or soul at all !!!!!!!! An now your trying to use gods name to cover up that dévil inside of you

  • fukkpebbels

    Sorry I meant sue

  • fukkpebbels

    Its 2013 your not runnin game on nobody no more an whoever signs with you or yo husband Is some dumbfuckss