[VIDEO] TLC Talks STD Rumors, Dating Floyd Mayweather + Defends Lil Mama Against Critics

The Jasmine Brand- TLC

TLC may have lost one member but they will forever remain relevant. Earlier this year, their names have been headlined on every social network because of their upcoming biopic. From casting differences to a possible Left Eye replacement, this hasn’t been the homecoming many would have expected from the top selling female band of all time. However with their life story premiering Monday on VH1 the remaining two are ready to address any issues that are brought to their attention.

This week, Chilli and T-Boz sat down with Power 105’s Breakfast Club to answer the relevant and irrelevant questions about the movie, their relationships, and their musical return. Check out a few excerpts.

The Breakfast Club: Was Pebbles really that bad? Because in the movie she seems like the devil so was it exaggerated?

  T-Boz: She did do some good for us, she taught us some things, she put us together, but then there’s always times when you work with people there’s always things that your never going to agree with and you don’t like their ways and people part so i didn’t think she got over that.

The Breakfast Club: Does she still own the name TLC?

Tboz: No, we had to buy it, [we paid] $3 million ($1 million per letter) because she said she didn’t get enough money.

The Breakfast Club:I didnt know that you only had 10 years to live and they said that you weren’t suppose to have a baby?
T-Boz: Yeah, Thats what they said, I wasn’t supposed to live past 30. Thank God because I beat all the odds and I know big god has my back.
The Breakfast Club: In the movie, Chilli, you talk about your relationships. In the movie you dated Dallas Austin and it seemed like you would do anything for a child. Why did you want a child so bad?
Chilli: When I was a little girl, I always saw myself on TV and I wanted to be a mom. I didn’t want to become a mother too soon, so teen pregnancy didn’t happen or anything like that but when I did get pregnant and Pebbles kicked me out the group and then put me back in the group I was scared and a lot of different emotions that made it hard to do what I did because I wanted it so bad. I’m not the person outside picketing outside of abortion clinics because I think it’s a woman’s choice but I did not want to do that so it haunted me. So thats when I became obsessive looking at a Huggies commercials and I cried, ya know, I felt horrible.
The Breakfast Club:What was it about Dallas Austin, because you seen that he was no good but you just stayed with him?

Chilli:  At the time, after the abortion, I probably needed some therapy, actually I did, but the thing is I felt like the only way to make things right was to have the baby with him still, I don’t know why I didn’t just wait and met someone else so it was just something going on with me emotionally

The Jasmine Brand Chilli

The Breakfast Club: How does Dallas Feel About his portrayal in the movie?

Chilli:  Uh he seen it, he read the script ( sighs and laughs) and (shrugs) Ya Know. [cast laughs]

The Breakfast Club: Did you ever find out what Chilli wants in a man, do you still have that crazy checklist?
Chilli: Floyd is my friend, he’s not someone I dated. We’re just friends, people think that we dated because of my show. He was actually suppose to come on the show to interrogate guys as my friend to make sure they were the right guy but he flipped the script on camera like, “wheres my competition?” and VH1 was like “omg this is great”.
THe Jasmine Brand - T-Boz
The Breakfast Club: I know you recently had to file for bankruptcy and I’ve read the other issues, whats going on with your situation now?

T-Boz: Im straight, when white people do it, it’s reorganizing, just because I’m black doesn’t mean that I was broke.

Angela Yee: You had some issues with Child Support?
T-Boz: Holdup, I never put that out, Chase is my number one everything, i’m never going to have nothing bad to say about her dad [Mack 10], I never put that in the press because that’s nobody business so at the end of the day that’s always going to be her father, she didn’t pick him and whatever happened between us , it happened and now its over.
The Breakfast Club: You ever thought about getting remarried?
T-Boz: Of course, yes. I have a strong personality, so it takes a special guy to deal with me, I already know that. I cook, I clean, I take care of home and everything butIi have a strong personality and guys think I’m too much like a guy. At the end of the day if I’m more of a man than you that’s a fucking problem.
The Breakfast Club: Jeezy did a song and said i did everything in the A, except smash Chilli, how did that make you feel?

Chilli: I was like what?! But a lot of my guys friends said it was a compliment so i was like oh okay.

The Jasmine Brand-TLC
The Breakfast Club: In the movie, you seen that Lisa had a little crazy gene, but it seems like she also had a little problem with you guys as far as money, like she didn’t want to record anymore?
T-Boz: It wasn’t really over the money, the thing was Lisa had a guy in her life that was very influential on her thinking but you still have to blame her a little too. We were under contractual obligations and we had already taken money. Then she wanted to go off and do a solo career, we didn’t care that she did one, its just when she chose to do it during the time we had an album to turn in, not cool.
The Jasmine Brand-TLC
The Breakfast Club: When she went to Honduras to see Dr. Stevie how did you feel about that?
T-Boz and Chilli: It didn’t bother me, I didn’t want to go.

T-Boz: She was going out here for spiritual guidance to find a religion, find herself, and have peace. So when somebody is in a search for something like that, you let them go do it. That was her journey of finding peace but you know that didn’t work out well.”

The Breakfast Club: Is it true that Left Eyes estate wont let ya’ll use her vocals for the album?
T-Boz: “Its not the state, its the damn publisher. The guy who does “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” . I don’t know the guys name but hes the worst person on the planet. He just tries to rob people and now we cant perform our own music on TV or use it in the movie.
The Breakfast Club: People really had a issue with lil Mama at first?
Chilli: It gets on my nerve that people would hold one thing that she did, she didn’t do a Kanye west, she just stood there. She did an amazing job and that’s why we knew that when this films comes out people will say different things.
T-Boz: It’s about her acting chops, I don’t think people should be so judgmental. If we went into a lot of people’s personal life we would find a lot of stuff we won’t like. She was the first person we picked, she did a phenomenal job and I hope they respect her for that.
The Breakfast Club: Were there any serious plans to implement a new L in TLC?
  Chilli and T-Boz: No, never, not even a thought.
The Breakfast Club: J. Cole reached out for yall on the crooked smile, how was that call?

Chilli: Aw man, it was awesome. when I heard the song. I loved the lyrical content. He played me some of the stuff and I was like man this guy is really talented. So were still hoping to collaborate with him on the album were working out now.

Listen to the full interview below.