[INTERVIEW] Tia Mowry Says Not Being Loved Is Her Biggest Fear

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you are loved, it’s definitely a piece of heaven and when that’s taken away from you it’s really not a good thing. So, I fear that the world would lose love, stop learning how to love unconditionally, stop learning how to love all races, all socio-economical statuses, all sexual preferences, that’s my fear. That this world will turn into a world full of hate because love is amazing and it’s beautiful.

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theJasmineBRAND: Speaking of love, what did you re-learn about love after having your baby?

Tia: I really learned what unconditional love is and really was because if my husband was cooking and he had a raw egg in his hand and it fell on the floor, I would be like ‘What the hell?!’ but if my son did that, I would be like ‘aww baby that’s okay, that’s alright honey we’ll pick it up’. So you learn how to love unconditionally and I’ve been applying that to my everyday life so that’s what I’ve learned.

For all things Tia Mowry- follow her on Twitter @TiaMowry.


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    I like her.

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    Great interview!

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