Nas’ Daughter & Baby Mama Almost Joined Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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questions, and they really loved me. They really loved my personality and everything. They were like, ‘Carmen, maybe, but Destiny, yes.’ But like, it was just funny. So after the interview, I started to find out who the other cast members would be, and I started thinking this doesn’t really seem like me and my mom, you know, our speed. What you see on ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, that’s not even my mom’s personality. Like she’s so funny loving and goofy and sweet – it’s not really her speed, it’s not really my speed, and I think the producers could tell when they got the cast together, like, ‘No, you guys wouldn’t fit in with this cast at all’, so it was like a joint agreement.

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I think that my parents just both have a clear understanding that regardless of what has happened in the past, we’re a family regardless. Nobody can ever say anything bad about my dad to my mom or she’ll go off, and my dad doesn’t want to hear anything bad about my mom. So that love is there and that respect is there, and right now, and hopefully forever, everything is really just cool between them. Regardless of whether they were ever going through their drama or not, I feel like that love and respect has always been there, and they always had that unspoken understanding.

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