Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted On ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Over Alexis Skyy! 

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Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted On 'Love & Hip Hop' Over Alexis Skyy! 

Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted Over Alexis Skyy!

Reality star Masika Kalysha claims that she was demoted on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood because she wouldn’t film with Fetty Wap’s ex girlfriend, Alexis Skyy. If you follow the two on social media, then you’re well aware that they do NOT get along and have allegedly had a physical altercation. Their disdain for one another is rumored to stem from Fetty, who was allegedly in a relationship with Alexis when Masika got pregnant.

Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted On 'Love & Hip Hop' Over Alexis Skyy! 

According to Masika, this season she refused to film with Alexis and because of this, the network opted to keep her out of the official cast photo. She tweets:

Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted On 'Love & Hip Hop' Over Alexis Skyy! 

Masika Kalysha: I Was Demoted On 'Love & Hip Hop' Over Alexis Skyy! 

Love & Hip Hop:Hollywood returns July 24th.

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  • Nakela Prude

    Um ok…. lol

  • Wreckognize Game

    Well the show isn’t about their lives. The show is about Love and Hip Hop therefore the story is about all the things that goes with that lifestyle. Thots, side-chicks, side babies, fights over OPP etc.

  • Betty

    i like masikaaa I get that, i know its unfortunately a big part of the show to be in drama but i wish they would let more positive aspects of people’s lives shine, like why can’t we just see them really tryna hustle and enjoy their family and friends and whatever else. I would love some REALity not manufactured realiTEA

    • ShelbyMoore

      The cracks in Mona “Satan” Scott’s empire are starting to show. All of her employees have been complaining one by one. They all knew they were working for the devil….they sold themselves.

  • ShelbyMoore

    These bitches look like they could be sisters….the size of the foreheads though.

  • ShelbyMoore

    At what point does baby hairs become too much?

    • Renee

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! This comment cracked me up! LOL! LOL!

  • Ruby Taylor

    If people really wanted to see positive stuff, that desire would be supported by
    viewership and ratings. Ratchetness sells because that’s what the majority of people tune into.

  • Rocknation

    Well, why does Masika THINK she was hired to be on on a show about love and hiphop? Does she think she got the gig because she’s such an “amazing mom”? And where does get off trying to elevate herself above Fetty’s OTHER “rachet bitch psychotic fame whores”? If she cares that much about being respectable, she should quit the show altogether and ACTUALLY work for a living!