Kandi Burruss Restaurant Improves From ‘C’ To An ‘A’ By Health Inspector

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Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

Here’s the latest: The scores for Kandi Burruss’ restaurant have dramatically improved. On August 29th, her Old Lady Gang restaurant received an ‘A’ grade, taking corrective action on items previously identified by the Health Inspector. See the Inspection Report below.

Here’s the backstory: Kandi Burruss’ restaurant is now facing a few challenges. The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Atlanta restaurant, Old Lady Gang, has received some negative scores from the Georgia Health Inspector.

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

According to their online inspection, dated for August 27, 2017, the following were concerns listed by the Georgia Department of Public Health:

-No soap or paper towels located at handwashing sink
-Observed soil buildup inside ice bin.
-Observed soil buildup inside ice bin.

-Observed potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. New Violation.
-Observed employee with no hair restraint.

-Observed employee with no hair restraint.
-Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.
-Observed cutting board grooved/pitted and no longer cleanable.

The restaurant, which opened this summer, received a C grade.

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Scores ‘C’ from Health Inspector

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  • Bri

    Phaedra’s probably having a field day!

    • Wreckognize Game

      Phaedra probably called the health inspectors

      • Michelle S. Lampkin

        Umm…. That’s what happen, when you own a restaurant. The health inspector go inspect. No one calls??????????????

        • Lisa Campbell

          Thank you.. they swear Phaedra is thinking about Kandi…She’s Not?

        • Tomeka Patterson- Sims

          Thank you Phadrea is not thinking about Kandi or her business

      • ShelbyMoore

        Kandi did say that Phaedra called her home girl at the Health Department on her when she first tried to open the restaurant and tried to jam her up. So, yea, Phaedra most likely has something to do with this.

        • Rhonda Fomby

          Even if she did call them, she didn’t create the violations. That would be the restaurant owners, staff, cooks, etc.

        • Dayle Hudson

          So sad to hear this. I really liked Phaedra. I had to be hit on the head to see her game

    • Kay

      Since Kandi does act like she is untouchable

      • Josephine Bullock

        Why do you think Kandi act like she is untouchable? She don’t act like that to me she acts like a business woman making her coins!

  • Brenda Brown

    I doubt if Phaedra has been to this restaurant. All restaurants has to have inspections to remain open

  • morrow

    As bad as those things are i have saw worse with a B grade. This problems are easy remedied.

  • ceeceebaker

    Anyone tried the cuisine yet?

    • Mscummins

      When I went to the ATL our hotel van driver said that literally everyone that he has taken there and picked back up said the food is horrible. Greens are canned. Chicken not seasoned etc…..

  • FuZ

    That’s on the chef and management. If you’ve never opened or ran a restaurant, you need to higher professionals. Not just “cool” people.
    I never liked the idea of them opening a restaurant from jump. All that they knew was that they liked to eat. Duh. Plus her mama and them aunts were all kinds of messy. Especially the mama.

    • Connie

      Oh Lord, I can’t stan that “Mama”. Wouldn’t even go in the door
      if she was there.

      • FuZ

        If she was there?! You are better than me. I wouldn’t go because she’s affiliated and there will be photos around there.

      • Dayle Hudson

        Mama won’t last. Too hot tempered for that kind of work

    • Kay

      And sweet collards? Ewww

  • Mscummins

    That’s not good. It’s better than an “F” but a woman of her caliber should have a top notched staff. They GOT to do better!

    • Dayle Hudson

      She just hired all the moms. She should have at least gotten one professional waitress that could have corrected them.

  • Deb Dyson

    When you know better, you do better. They’re learning as they go. I wasn’t thrilled about them opening yet another soul food place, but hey it’s their dream so go for it and good luck. But, I agree all they knew was about eating, that they do well I’m so sick of Kandi and them giant tits hanging like saddle bags. yuck.

  • Sher

    When the soap and paper towels are not replenished that says to me that they don’t care about washing up. The quickest way to contaminate food is by not washing one’s hands. The fact that they corrected the issue, doe’s not mean they will use it. Yuck!!

  • Stac

    Good to know. I personally don’t eat at places that have less than an A rating. My health is important.

    • Dayle Hudson

      Thank God for food place inspected. Yuck. That could have gotten worse really fast. I’m turned off anyway after what they found

  • Kay

    We gone be watching you!