Madonna Refers To Herself As Beyonce & Jay-Z’s “Master”, Beyhive Attacks

Madonna Refers To Herself As Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Master

Madonna might have taken controversial to a new level. The singer was slammed for a social media photo that some suggested was problematic. Captured in the photoshopped image were stadium performers, Beyoncé and Jay- Z gazing into several different images of Madonna’s album covers. The “Pappa Don’t Preach” singer originally posted the image with an eery caption that read,

Learning from the Master……lol

Madonna, 59, then changed the caption into,

Learning from the Teacher……lol

Which finally became,


Shortly after posting the photo for the first time, Madonna was slammed by the Beyhive for her ambiguous image.

One user wrote,

you old dry spoiled milk leaking mayo covered example of white mediocrity in the industry better have a SEAT ?

Another said,

I’m sorry i don’t care if you an icon or not but how dare you use that you’re I’m an icon bullshit to belittle down another black artist when other black artists opened the door for your white ass Nina Simone, Michael jackson, Prince, Diana Ross and way other POC that paved away but sometimes never fully recognized because they won’t white.

Multiple people also came into Madonna’s defense. One user attempted to clarify,

Wow! So the original caption said- learning from the master….. and ppl took it as a white/black thing?!?!!!! I REALLY REALLY doubt @madonna was referring to THAT!!! It’s due to the fact that she is a MASTER OF THE ART OF POP!!!! She’s the QUEEN OF POP!

While another stated,

the hive seriously needs to learn their place… As if Beyonce could ever be on Madonnas level.

Another wrote,

with the Master… like it or not. There’s only one queen and it’s not a ?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z released a joint album last Saturday (June 15th), and are currently touring together as part of their On the Run II tour.

Do you find Madonna’s initial caption offensive? 

By Cadarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams