Post Divorce, Kris Humphries Gets An Endorsement Deal

Post Divorce, Kris Humphries seems to be taking a lesson from his ex, Kim Kardashian, by building his very own brand. On Thursday Kris was spotted at the Trump Soho Hotel to announce an endorsement partnership with “Select Brand Watches.” During the press conference, he explained:

“I’m really excited. It’s a perfect fit. Everything fits. It was such a natural fit,”

And although he didn’t mention his divorce, he did explain that he’s “going through a rough time” right now with the lockout. He said that “he would continue to train everyday and spend time working with  foundation during the lockout.” He gushed about his newest project, that will give him some extra cash during the lockout, hopefully. Anywho, good for him….i guess :)  [Source]