[Exclusive] OMG Girlz Talk Music, Fame, Style, Boys & Their Relationship With Reginae Carter

The three cuties that make up the OMG Girlz have stolen our hearts with their song, “Gucci This.” After only being together for 2 years, they have managed to impress fans with their catchy lyrics, dance moves, and unique style. Peep what Zonnique “Star” Pullins, Bahja “Beauty” Rodriguez, and Breaunna “Baby Doll” Womack had to say about how they formed the group, what it’s like to be in the public eye, their parents, their style, and their celebrity crushes.

On how they came up with their name:

“When there were four of us, we were all sitting in the studio and we thought of text talk and we came up with OMG. It meant “Oh My God,” but when it changed to three of us, we wanted it to mean something different. So we came up with “Officially Miss Guided,” which means girls who are guided and girls who get other girls to do the right thing.”

On how they met each other:

Beauty: “Me and Star have known each other since we were born; our parents have been best friends since they were 13. Then we saw BabyDoll dancing on youtube to Beyonce’s “Ego,” about 2 years ago. And we called her up from our hometown, and that’s how we met her.”

On why Reginae Carter is no longer in the group:

“Her parents pulled her out because there was a big age difference between us.”

On who writes their songs:

“Sometimes we pick songs. When we hear it, we’ll change up the words. Or sometimes we give ideas that we like and they’ll write around it, or we’ll help write. But we’ve been doing more writing recently than before.”

On the Scream Tour:

“It was amazing. It was such an honor to be the only females on the tour. We were kind of nervous because we didn’t know if we’d have fans in all the cities we haven’t been to. But we were shocked that they were screaming and we had a lot of good reactions, especially to “Gucci This.””

On appearing on T.I and Tiny‘s “Family Hustle” reality TV show:

“It was pretty normal because we just do what we do in regular life. They don’t force us to act some type of way. So it’s a lot of fun.”

On Lady Gaga’s support:

“We were headed to do an interview. We got on a 3-way call with her as well and she told us how much she loved us and how we should keep going hard, and how she loved our video. It was indescribable because we love her music, ourselves.”

On how strict their parents are:

Beauty: “My mom and my dad are really cool. They don’t let any of us do anything really crazy but they’re really cool as far as what we wear, because we don’t try to be too grown. We style ourselves accordingly.”

On their unique hair:

“Yes, it sets us apart from other girl groups.”

On other celebrities they consider style icons:

Star: “I personally like Rihanna‘s boyish-girlish style. She can wear something boyish but her accessories make it really girly.”

On their celebrity crushes:

Tyga, Derrick Rose, and Carmelo Anthony; Chris Brown, Channing Tatum; Johnny Depp, Shia LeBouf, the list really goes on…”

Peep the footage.

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