Stacy Francis Finally Speaks Out On Club Altercation With Whitney Houston

Some of you will recall, a few days before Whitney Houston’s death, some media outlets (this site included) ran a story about an altercation between Stacy Francis and Whitney at Hollywood’s Tru club. Whitney, Stacy, Ray-J and a ton of celebs were in attendance for Kelly Price’s Pre-Grammy party.


Houston & Price Perform @ Pre-Grammy's Party

A speculated altercation ensued and it was never really confirmed by Stacy or Ray-J. I was actually at this event and afterward, everyone was talking about the alleged fight. Stacy never really addressed the incident, besides on twitter at one point, but she’s never released a verbal statement until recently. Although she’s been hesitant to comment on what happened, she’s spoken to Sister 2 Sister, in hopes of putting the situation behind her:

“It’s something I don’t need to really discuss anymore. I don’t want to stir up her fans; we need to let her rest….I am an old family friend of Ray J and have known him for 15 years. Ray J came in and hugged me and it became a misunderstanding…Ray J and I have spoken and I wanted to make sure he was OK…He’s a very strong man, a good guy and his relationship with God has gotten stronger since….I have this gift that I really want to share with this world…No one will really understand what happened and I just hope that I don’t have to talk about it the rest of my career. Whitney told me God is a God of second chances.”

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