Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Says She’s Not A Man, Tweets Nude Photo

Two days after the first episode aired, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta still has people buzzing. One of the current topics of discussion is the real sex of Joseline Hernandez. The former stripper, turned artist,  has received lots of heat, with folk questioning if she’s really a woman. She responded on twitter:

“B*tches I’m 100% women. F*ck tall eat my p*ssy”.

And a day later added:

“I will no longer entertain the foolishness it’s been real & fun @ the same time I hope a few of you’ll received the 30 second of fame tweets…”

And if that’s not enough, she tweeted a nude, NSFW flick too. Click here to check her out. P.S. Now do we believe her?