Political Hustlin’ ::: Did Jesse Jackson’s Son Have A Nervous Break-Down?

For those of you who stay politically informed (I know, we should do a better job of this, here), you may be already aware of this. Jesse Jackson’s son, Representative Jesse L. Jackson Jr., (a Democrat from Illinois) has been on a leave of absence from Congress since June. Initially, representatives said that it was some type of medical condition, but according to his office, Jesse’s medical condition is more serious than initially shared. According to a statement, he is undergoing

“further evaluation and treatment at an in-patient medical facility.”

The statement continues,

“Recently, we have been made aware that he has grappled with certain physical and emotional ailments privately for a long period of time…According to the preliminary diagnosis from his doctors, Congressman Jackson will need to receive extended in-patient treatment as well as continuing medical treatment thereafter.”

There’s much speculation surrounding this and some say (again PURE speculation) that he is suffering from depression or a mental illness. Nonetheless, we hope that he fully recovers soon!  [NY Times, Huff Post]